Big Wheels Keep on Rolling


These past two weeks have been so busy.  This month I am in Virginia quite a bit.  Currently I am on a 9 day stent up here.

With all of this time away from my home, the farm, my family and friends, I have started to reconsider this traveling adventure.  It has been so hard on me to be away from home, especially missing out on the day to day of the farm project.  I have an interview for another ER back home next week, so I am praying that if that is where I am supposed to be, that door will open up.  

Lilly has done a wonderful job of being my travel companion.  She rides easily in the car and has a blast in the hotel.  It is definitely nice to see a friendly face coming home from a long 12 hour shift.  Hotel life is very hard on her as you can see…


Back at home, my hard working Daddy has been busy putting out daily fires in regards to the barn construction.  It has definitely not been an easy road, but take a look at the progress.  I have never seen a more beautiful barn!






Seeing it only once every week, each week brings so much more progress than the last.

Due to how shallow the pond is, my Daddy is having to drain the pond so we can dig it out deeper.  Each turn definitely brings a new set of challenges, but my Daddy is doing an awesome job figuring it all out.

Peanut and Oliver have been doing great back home thanks to my awesome fella.  He has been making sure the boys are taken care of getting nightly snuggles.  Oliver sends his love to everyone!


I am getting serious about my farm house plans as well and will be meeting with the county’s planning dept to hopefully get the ok for the plan I have in mind.  If all goes well, I will share my future plans soon!

I hope all is well with you and yours.  Until next time…


6 thoughts on “Big Wheels Keep on Rolling

  1. Beautiful barn! Hope all goes well with your interview…I once took a job that I found out wasn’t for me. I felt awful for 8 months until I found the job that was “made for me”. It can certainly take a toll on you physically & emotionally. We’ll all keep our fingers crossed for you! 🙂

  2. Darn that barn is looking great. I’m ready to move in now…
    We are praying your job situation works out for the best. I know exactly what it’s like being gone from home for long periods of time. It’s no fun at all.
    A shallow pond is no pond. You can’t stock it and it can freeze solid or dry up in a heartbeat. Of course freezing usually isn’t a worry here in NC.

  3. Come back home Girl….here’s too much excitement at the Homestead for you to be away!
    Your Barn “Is” the most Beautiful one I’ve Ever seen….Love it! Tell your Daddy to build another one cause….your move’n in to this one! That’s way Cooler than my house! Keep’n You & Your Family in My Thoughts & Prayers! Have A Great week! 🙂

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