Fall is Near


Hey ya’ll!

It’s hard to believe fall is right around the corner.  The month of August flew by.

I am down to my last few weeks in my travel nurse assignment.  I am happy to announce I got a job in a local ER and will be coming off the road in October.  I am so looking forward to being able to come home to my little family every day.  Traveling was a great experience, but absolutely exhausting.

I purchased a fishing kayak and am super excited for all the water adventures yet to come.  Neil and I already have a mini camping trip planned at a local lake for the maiden voyage of our new kayaks.

photo 2 (2)

If you live in NC, I found an awesome website for outdoor adventures, check it out HERE.

We spent a week with friends at Myrtle Beach and had a great time.  It was nice to get away from the every day stresses of life.  I caught my biggest fish ever off the pier!

photo 1 (2)

The barn is almost complete minus the paint job.  It is truly a beautiful structure, my parents have done a wonderful job handling all the details and speed bumps.  Thank you all for the lovely comments!

The once two acre pond is now totally drained and being dug deeper so we can stock it with better fish and not have to worry about it drying up in the hot summer months.

I’ve been thinking hard about my plans for moving out to the farm.  Life again threw me a monkey wrench in my plans to build my farm house.  Such is life!  My lease runs out in my current house in March, which is only a short 6 months away.  I’m busy brainstorming and figuring our what the best option is for my family and I.   I have a few ideas rolling around in this redhead of mine so hopefully one will come to pass.

I hope all is well in each of your lives.  Thank you for sharing this crazy adventure we call life, with me.

Until next time…


11 thoughts on “Fall is Near

  1. It is too bad you don’t have a small apartment hooked on to the barn that you could live in until you build your house or you could live in a travel trailer. It is just ideas I thought about because I know you love your animals and the barn is so nice. Take care and enjoy your adventures.

  2. Good morning Homestead, glad to hear you back in NC. Being away from home wouldn’t do me well either. Another website to check for local fishing, kayayking etc. is the Nc Wildlife website. They have tons of info. As far as parking a RV and living in it for a little while, i am afraid i already have all that covered, mine is sitting on my other property and energized, like the bunny, lol. Take care and have a good weekend.

  3. WOW gal – you have been a busy beaver – so glad the folks have been caring for projects while you finish up your travels. The Painted barn looks totally awesome. Can’t wait for more photos of projects as you finish one and begin another. Congrats on the ER job close to home. I know you will be so much more relaxed now. Have an awesome FALL season

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