Officially Fall Today


“Autumn, the year’s last, loveliest smile.” –William Cullen Bryant

It is the first official day of fall.  The summer heat has faded into cool and my favorite season has ended as abruptly as it began.

Fall has always been a fun season for me-although summer is still my favorite, full of comfy sweatshirts, bright pumpkins and cool nights spent by a campfire.  What are some of your favorite fall traditions?

Neil and I are starting the season with an overnight camping, kayaking, fishing extravaganza.  We are headed to Jordan Lake this week to enjoy some outdoor time together.

The barn at the Big Farm is officially, unofficially completed.  The stalls are still left to finish, but the main structure and paint are up.  What do you think?


As life tends to do, my original plan of making it out to the farm by Spring 2015 won’t be a reality.  I was initially super upset about this event, but have come to embrace a different path and have an open mind about the adventures to come.

While I am still going to be working with my parents on building our family farm, I am venturing out for awhile on my own to focus on building my life, family and my own mini farm.  I know that one day, in the not so distant future, I will end up on those beautiful 30 acres, and I anxiously look forward to that time.

My days of travel nursing are swiftly coming to a close and I am grateful.  I have met some wonderful new friends and learned a lot about myself in the process.  I now know my roots run deep in this fertile, North Carolina ground and I belong in the state that has birthed and raised me from the moment my mama and daddy brought me into the world.

Until next time…


7 thoughts on “Officially Fall Today

  1. I just love your blog and enjoy living the farm life vicariously through you. I have been watching and waiting with anticipation for the completion of the barn. It is BEAUTIFUL! Heck with the livestock, I want to live in it. lol
    Thanks for sharing your story and best of luck with whatever your future holds. God bless!

  2. The barn is beautiful. Maybe sometime you can show us pictures of the inside for a tour.
    I love fall. It means it’s getting close to the time I don’t have to cut the grass every week. You where down in spirit for awhile but have recovered nicely. It’s made you a much stronger and resilient woman.

  3. SO happy for you that the barn is *semi* finished – It looks fabulous indeed. Proud for you that you’re getting all things in order and are stepping out into the world of living>>

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