Weekly Wonders

*This weekly post is dedicated to highlighting a few of my favorite happenings over the week*

October is a wonderful month.  Mother Nature begins to extend her cool fingers into all outside life.  The leaves begin to change and crisp and the color fades from bright to dark.

However, if you live in North Carolina, Mother Nature suffers from intense schizophrenia.  The weather around here changes in an instant and then before you can dress to fit the change, it will change back again.  The low sixty degree nights and crisp days we have been having vanished this week to a sprinkled few 80 degree days.

  • Neil and I took full advantage of this last blip of summer weather and took to Wrightsville Beach to enjoy a day of pier fishing on Johnnie Mercer’s Pier (the only concrete pier in NC).  Although we did not make out well on this trip, we got to spend a beautiful afternoon together with a lovely breeze blowing all around us and the most emerald colored ocean I have ever seen.  We also saw a large shark swimming slyly among the pier posts and saw a barracuda caught and reeled in-which by the way I hope I never meet one of those in the ocean-their teeth are huge!  We also saw the most dolphins in one place I had ever seen.  They swam lazily in a sunny patch in the green sea and hung around for a long time just enjoying themselves in the warm water.  It was beautiful.  The largest sting ray I have ever seen in real life also kept us company down below.  The picture doesn’t do it justice, but trust me it was huge!


  • Since the plans to move to the farm are put on the back burner for now, and our lease is ending in a few months, we have decided to buy a little homestead.  After viewing quite a few homes, Neil and I found an updated 1960’s home on a little patch of land, that we both absolutely adored.  While we are still putting together the financial end of things, I am praying that no one buys it before we can!
  •  Sleeping in my own bed.  This is something that one can easily take advantage of, but to a redhead girl who has spent the last 3 months sleeping in hotels of various degrees of cleanliness, there is nothing like slipping into the crisp, fresh sheets that you know have only been slept in by you.

Until next time…




4 thoughts on “Weekly Wonders

  1. Eww, yeah I hate hotel sheets, too many people doing too many things on them and not enough clorox!

    Congrats on the new plans and new prospective homestead. Home is wherever your heart feels content.

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