Weekly Wonders

*This weekly post is dedicated to highlighting a few of my favorite happenings over the week* 
  • I survived my first week at my new job.  It went surprisingly well and I think it will end up working out great.  Although the commute is longer than average, I enjoy the 45 minutes of quiet time to gear up or wind down from the shift.  I have been working day shift-which has totally thrown this night shift girl for a loop.  This whole getting up at 4 am thing is for the birds.  I am anxiously awaiting my return to night shift next week!


  • The house adventure continues to move forward and I am super excited.  I met with the representative today to complete the rest of the loan paperwork-if I didn’t have enough practice signing my name in my nursing career, I sure got it today!- and locked in at a great interest rate.  The inspections are happening this week and we are getting to go back to the house in two weeks to get some measurements and get an estimate from the painters.  Country Chic Remodel will soon be in full swing and I can’t wait to share it with ya’ll.


  • I am definitely a traditional old girl and I love writing and receiving letters.  Although this practice is unfortunately a major thing of the past thanks to email and iPhones, I got a letter from my grandma today.  I just love hearing from her and seeing her carefully written letters telling me the latest family happenings.


  • I LOVE Halloween.  It is my absolute favorite holiday.  It outweighs Christmas and maybe even my birthday.  I love the fun and festivities of the day and I am a candy fanatic so that just doubles my love of the day right there!  It has been awhile since I was able to be with my neices and nephews as they trick or treated around the neighborhood, so I am looking forward to being a part of that tradition.  I hope this Halloween brings more treats than tricks for you!

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Until next time…



5 thoughts on “Weekly Wonders

  1. Congrats on the house and great interest rate. Smart lady to lock it in!!

    Do you put your credentials behind everything you sign? I find myself putting RN behind my daughter’s school papers, church sign up sheets, even my form at the dentist office! It’s like a part of my name:) As if anyone cares I have a title:)

    • I definitely understand where you are coming from! My signature used to have a lot more to it, but after signing my name a million times during my shift at work it has gotten smaller and smaller over the years!

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