The Little Rock House


I hope everyone had a lovely Halloween.  Oliver enjoyed being his usual always on the search for food self, Peanut enjoyed having us both home and Lilly was the only one who got into the spirit of things…


Neil and I took Lilly around while my neices and nephews went trick or treating, however she did not enjoy herself.  She is definitely a family only kind of girl and when my nephew was walking her and accidentally dropped the leash, she became nothing but a blur of a hot dog as she raced home.

I am now officially less than a month away from closing on the Little Rock House and am beyond excited.  The home inspection went wonderfully and came back with no major issues.  Even the whole home generator works great-I can’t wait to enjoy this feature when we lose our power due to the ice this winter-as we always do here in NC!

Neil and I have been bargain hunting for everything we will need in the new house.  Our first major areas to tackle are the kitchen, painting (all the walls are pink and purple-not our style!) and redoing the dark blue shag carpet in the bedroom and bur-bur carpet in the office.  The house has quite a variety of wood floor colors, so eventually we will redo the kitchen’s wood floor to match the living room.

Yesterday on a whim, we stopped by a local appliance store and they were having an awesome sale.  With the help of a very outspoken sales lady, we got a super cool (no pun intended-ok maybe a little) energy efficient  refrigerator, a huge fancy microwave, a super quiet dishwasher, and a flat top stove and oven combo.  We originally were going to pipe gas into the kitchen for a gas stove, but decided to take that out of the budget to free up some other upgrade options.  We ended up getting all of those appliances for what we thought only two of them would cost, needless to say we were elated!

With all of the appliances now upgraded, we are focusing on purchasing the beautiful copper sink I have had my eye on for the last month, granite counter tops, redoing the cabinets and upgrading the lighting fixtures in the kitchen.  We meet with the painters soon for an estimate, so I am anxious to see how much that will cost.  Although Neil and I are capable of doing the painting ourselves (capable being a loose term here), with both of us working full time and everything else we have going on, we don’t have the time to do it.  I am so excited to see the Little Rock Houses’ transformation over the next few months.

November has definitely arrived and it brought windy, chilly weather to NC this week.  I sure miss my warm summer days, but the brilliantly colored leaves are a gorgeous site around here!

Until next time…



7 thoughts on “The Little Rock House

  1. Sounds like you got a great deal. Can’t wait till you get to move in and share the photos. No wonder the dog didn’t want to go trick or treating, dogs don’t get to eat candy so they have no vested interest in participating. Can’t blame the girl for racing home.

  2. sounds like you had as much fun as me and my 4 year old son, one lady didn’t have any candy so she gave him a pumpkin! Again glad to hear things are going so well, wishing you nothing but the best! God bless!

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