A Change of Plans


This week I have been up to my ears in organizing workmen, deliveries and details for the Little Rock House.  We have had some great news this week.  Our refrigerator we purchased several weeks ago went on sale and was $1000 cheaper than we originally bought it for.  The store gave us the difference and we purchased several tools we needed with the refund.  We also got a gift card back on the copper sink, since it went on sale as well.  Especially during this time, it is so useful to keep an eye on major purchases, most everything goes on sale and stores will usually honor the sale price with a refund or store credit.

As my fabulous readers know, my schedule is pretty crazy.  I routinely stay awake for 24 hours to accomplish all I need to and spend time with loved ones.  The past few years have echoed a quote I love, “I will sleep when I am dead!”  With the very short time we get on earth, I don’t like wasting a minute of it.  I am the anti-procrastinator.

When I was 5 years old, I was getting ready for bed in my usual nightly routine.  I carefully picked out my clothes for the next day and after I finished I got to thinking.  If I laid out my clothes for the next week, I would save time in the mornings.  Once I finished those outfits, I thought to myself, “That worked out so well, I might as well pick out the clothes for the next week.” An hour later, my entire room was covered in neatly laid out outfits for the coming weeks.

Studies have shown the way people problem solve by age 5 remains mostly unchanged in adulthood and I know for myself, this is very true.  I use those same preparation tactics from when I was 5 as I do today.  I am the queen of multi-tasking and balancing as many things as I can possibly cram into my life.  This makes me a very good emergency room nurse, but it makes me very exhausted in the outside world!

As I creep closer to age 30, I have learned some hard lessons about stretching myself too thin.  I have learned how vital sleep and down time are to emotional and physical health.  I have learned that when you have a partner, you have a responsibility to that person to not come home with nothing left to give out.

Having said that, although I am not as rigid as I used to be, plans and organization are essential parts of my life.  For example, Monday Dec 1st has been the closing date for the Little Rock House for over a month.  I have been incredibly prompt with the thousands of required documents for a loan so nothing would be delayed for Dec 1st.  In anticipation of this date, I have scheduled workmen and deliveries every day that week.  I have boxes (and boxes and boxes) stacked in neatly organized piles for the different phases of moving over to that house.  So when I was told on Wednesday afternoon, five days (that’s two business days due to Thanksgiving), that the paperwork (not on  my end) was not going to be together in time for a Monday closing, I was less than thrilled.

I adamantly explained, a different closing date is not an option.  Everything over the next few weeks is dependent on that closing day coming to pass.  In an effort to assist the bank with time, I changed the closing time for two hours later.  Even this two hour delay caused me to have to cancel two classes for work and rearrange several things in my schedule that week.  As Wednesday comes to a close, I am no less informed on if I will be a homeowner Monday morning, as was the plan for the last few months.

I do believe this is the universe teaching me another lesson on theoretically counting my eggs before they hatch.  That or the universe has one twisted sense of humor watching this little redhead sweat it out.

I can’t wait to see what Monday will bring.

Until next time…




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