Bad Piggy Attitudes & A Few Life Lessons


Has anyone else noticed it is already December? These last few months have been a wild blur of activity.

We have had several high 60 degree days here in good old North Carolina, and it just reminds me of the many reasons I love this state.  Almost 70 degrees and the calendar says December, what’s not to love?

After much deliberation and enough paperwork to fill up the Little Rock House, we finally have the go for a closing date.  Due to some issues (not on my end *cough cough*) our original closing date came and passed.  This required my awesome secretary skills (thanks to a crazy life, my scheduling skills are expertise at this point) to kick into overdrive since we had deliveries and workmen scheduled every day after closing.

This experience taught me a few very important lessons.  Number one, don’t every close around a holiday-thank you Thanksgiving- and don’t ever schedule closing on a Monday and especially don’t schedule closing on a Monday after a holiday.  Number two, life pretty much never ever goes according to plan, particularly when other people are involved, so learn to be flexible.

With our new closing date two days away, Neil and I are super excited, but now feeling the pressure of limited time.  With our granite counters ordered, but not able to be installed until the big farm sink project is done, the flooring awaiting the official estimate and order arrival, the painters’ estimate, every wall, baseboard and ceiling to be painted, the cabinets to be resurfaced, decorating, moving, working full time and a whole heap of other projects and responsibilities, this redhead is feeling a touch overwhelmed.

On top of everything going on, we found out Neil has to have major hip surgery next month.  This surgery will put him out of work for a few months to recover.  What was originally going to be a leisurely, several month move to the new house, is now down to 4 weeks before he is sidelined to the couch for awhile.

At this point, we are getting very good at just taking things in stride.  Despite all the outside stressors, Neil and I are incredibly happy.  It is an amazing experience to be with a partner who brings such joy and peace to your life.  Building a new life together has been one of my very favorite seasons of life.

Lilly and Peanut have been their usual snugly selves.  They don’t seem to notice the chaos and boxes that are slowly overtaking our house.  Oliver, is a completely different story.  He has been hell on hooves and if I loved him a little less he just might be breakfast.

His usual mild mannered conversation now involves high pitched screeching and slamming himself into his gate.  He destroyed his very comfy, very expensive bed (which he has never done before) see exhibit A below


Obviously his piggy butt is not getting another fancy bed so I gave him a few blankets instead.  This was apparently unacceptable as he turned up his snout and promptly decided to lay in his litter box instead.  I think Oliver is officially a swine teenager.

Knowing his weakness, I put a few blankets in the dryer and that got him out of his litter box and into his make shift, very warm, blanket bed.  His room at the new house is going to be super fancy and he will have a piggy door to access his own private deck.  Let’s hope this curbs his bad attitude!

Hopefully next week will brings lots of updates on the Little Rock House and pictures of course!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Bad Piggy Attitudes & A Few Life Lessons

  1. Oliver is displaying his dislike in the fact his piggy life is being uprooted and disturbed. Pigs are very sensitive to change. Hopefully he will regain his sweet piggy attitude when you settle in your new place. After all who wouldn’t want their own deck! Lol

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