Surgery week has arrived!


The week of surgery is upon us!

The last week has been an overwhelming blur of to do lists, hauling boxes to and from, unpacking and painting cabinets.

Neil and I have been working extremely hard and racing against the deadline of hip surgery this Friday. We are so blessed to have wonderful friends who took time out of their busy lives and time away from their families to help us move the furniture out of the Mebane house.

After that major move day, it was game on. We worked from sun up until almost sun up again day after day, scrambling to get things moved and in place at the Little Rock House.

Throughout all the stress and commotion, Neil and I are absolutely elated with the house. It is so perfectly us we wake up every day just looking around and enjoying all our hard work.

Waking up to the sound of the rooster crowing and the sight of horses grazing in the morning mist makes this restless soul of mine sigh and relax a bit. Although Oliver is the only barnyard animal we have currently, our neighbors have quite a variety of critters that I just love to see outside our windows.

At the beginning of surgery week, the Little Rock House is finally starting to look like a home. We have all of our boxes unpacked, decorations up, animals moved, counter tops installed and almost finished cabinetry in the kitchen.


That is one project I will never take on again. Maybe without all of the other events going on it wouldn’t be so bad, but this time consuming project is still days away from being finished. After sanding all of the doors and priming all of the doors (one hour dry time at least) the lovely oil based paint we used takes 12 hours to dry, so it takes at least two days for one complete door.


The very cold 10 degree nights lately (when did I move to Minnesota?) forced all of the cabinet painting inside- which is not an easy task when the house is full of boxes and new floors I don’t want to mess up! However, little by little it is getting finished. I can’t wait to post the final before and after picture and see what ya’ll think of it.

Moving Oliver was one thing I was majorly dreading. Oliver is not a huge fan of car rides anymore and true to his piggy nature change makes him very anxious. With some big help from Neil, we picked up Oliver, kicking like an old plantation mule, and wrestled him into the FJ. I sat in the back with him and his stinky litter box that he profusely used the whole way to the Little Rock House-hey at least he used the litter box and not the floor of the car! I can’t imagine the conversation that would have followed if we were to have gotten pulled over that night.


Oliver quickly settled down and getting him into the Little Rock house went much smoother than I expected. Within hours he was using his custom piggy door to access his very own front porch. He slept better that night than he had in quite a while.


Apparently moving has worn the pups out. They wasted no time in finding their beds and relaxing as we worked.


As this week roars on, the endless lists of what needs to be done pre surgery continue to grow, and one by one Neil and I get the lists checked off. I think we are both grateful for the forced downtime his surgery will bring.

Not a fan of New Year’s Resolutions, I like to chose a word and focus on that word throughout the year. My word for this year is “settled.” For those of my fabuous readers who have been with me for awhile, you know life has been one crazy adventure after another. This year I am focusing on enjoying this new path Im life and settling in to my little slice of homestead heaven.

Stay tuned as the Homestead Redhead finally gets back to living the homestead life.

Until next time…


11 thoughts on “Surgery week has arrived!

  1. You have done a fantastic job!! It is looking great and I’m so thankful you will be able to enjoy it each day now. Remember Rome wasn’t built in a day so don’t stress too much. Will be keeping you in our prayers as surgery day approaches.

  2. Not sure what procedure Neil is having, but my hub had a total hip replacement (at only 37 years old) so we can relate somewhat, although we didn’t have as many major things happening at the same time! Praying that things will go well for all of you…and your home is beautiful! Home, not house, because there is such a big difference between the two!

    • Hey Shannon! Thank you so much for the kind words. That is very young for a hip replacement, but it sounds like your hubby did great. Neil has a torn labrum so they are having to repair that and reshape the head of his femur. I can’t tell you how much yor prayers mean to us, thank you very much ❤️

  3. I feel for you on sanding & painting those kitchen cabinets! Wow! That is a huge job! I have been needing to paint mine for some time but keep putting it off. Hopefully will get to that job this spring so I can do most of the work outdoors. Love the pic of your little piggie “Oliver”. He looks so happy in his little bed and I love that you made him his own little door to go in & out. What a lucky little feller to have you for a loving mama! Cograts on settling into your new home & prayers for you & Neil as he goes through his surgery and you both continue on your life adventures 🙂

    • I am definitely going to recommend you wait until the weather is warmer to do your cabinets! It is quite challenging setting up a workshop in the house! I hope they go much quicker than ours have 🙂 Thank you so much for the well wishes and for being apart of our homestead!

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