Remodel Rewind


Welcome back to the homestead!

It has been quite an adventure these last few months.  I can’t thank you all enough for your thoughts and prayers, they were such a source of encouragement for me.

In hindsight, deciding to move, buy a house, completely remodel the house, change jobs, and Neil undergo major hip surgery, may have been a bit more than we should have bitten off at one time.  However, we are finally on the other side of that mountain and it feels amazing.

I wanted to take a look back at the remodel since things were so hectic I couldn’t chronicle it as well as I wanted to for ya’ll.

The day we walked into the Little Rock House for the showing, I instantly knew this was home.  It also helped that one of my best friends just bought a house one house over!  We walked around and looked past the outdated fixtures, pink and purple walls and saw the potential the house held.  We made an offer that night.

We bought the Little Rock house in December and had a month before Neil’s surgery date.  This ignited a supercharged remodel and move in effort so it would be done before his surgery.

The first order of business was to get rid of the pink and purple walls.  We hired professional painters who repainted every wall, trim and door in the whole house.  Just that one change made the house have a completely different feel. It began to feel like ours.

The next few weeks brought massive remodeling.  We did as much as we could ourselves to save money.  This involved ripping out carpets, tearing up laminate and lots of construction mess.  Neil and his awesome friends did most of the flooring which was a huge job.  Neil and I changed out every lighting and plumbing fixture, register cover and plug cover.

The kitchen needed the most updating.  We took out the laminate counters and had granite installed, we changed out the silver sink with a fabulous copper sink and upgraded all the appliances to stainless steel.  We also replaced the cheap linoleum flooring with a laminate that looks like stone.  After kicking around several ideas for the cabinet updating, I ended up painting them and changing out all the knobs which is still in progress-and hopefully will be done in a few weeks.


The new kitchen is wonderful.  Even though it is a galley kitchen it has so much counter space and feels open with the vaulted ceilings.

In the dining room we changed out the floor and lighting fixtures and ended up with a cozy area that has a lovely view of the horses and pond next door.

image2 (2)

The guest bathroom had very purple walls and I was so glad to see them go.  We took a very floral room and turned into a rustic charmed bathroom.


Our master suite was also in serious need of a makeover.  The original walls were Carolina blue with dark shag Duke blue carpet-perhaps the previous owners were a house divided!  We ripped out all the carpet and replaced it with wood flooring.


We also redid the master closet with a wood closet system, although this was pricey, it has made such a nice difference.  We have more storage space-which was much needed-and we no longer have those metal shelves which didn’t go with the rustic theme of the house.

image1 (2)

Our office and guest bedroom are still works in progress as well as the master bath.  We have a custom built wood vanity for the master bath that should be completed in several weeks and I can’t wait to see the end result.

Of course we had to design a special place for Oliver, so we turned the existing laundry room into his suite.  He has a cozy bed and his own personal porch-which he accesses through his piggy door-where he spends his days sunning himself and greeting our visitors as they pull into the driveway.



It has been such a stressful season, but we both survived and are thriving.  I have a fabulous new job I start on Monday, I can’t wait to tell ya’ll all about it, and Neil is healing wonderfully.  He goes back to light duty in a few days and will soon be off his crutches.

There were many moments of feeling discouraged and overwhelmed over the last few months and I am so thankful for a strong partner, amazing friends and supportive readers who pulled me through when I felt I couldn’t take another step forward.

As the winter slowly drudges toward Spring, I excitedly await the new, warmer season.  I know it is going to be an amazing adventure.

Until next time…



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