Officially Normal Schedule Folk


Welcome back to the homestead!

We are a little more than a month away from the official start of Spring (March 20th) and as you can guess I am counting down the days.  Today is a blistery cold, windy day that makes me grateful I have a nice warm, dry house to protect me from the elements.

I accepted a position at a local pediatric office and am beginning to adjust to this Monday through Friday lifestyle.  It has been a drastic change, but such fun to see and care for little ones.

Neil is off crutches and back to light duty already, we are so blessed he has healed so quickly.  For the first time ever our schedules are both Monday through Friday and we are so enjoying having every night and our weekends together.

This past weekend was a glorious preview of what North Carolina Spring brings.  The sun was shining down from a blue sky and it was a mild 72 degrees.  For us Tar Heel fans we said goodbye to Dean Smith, who was a historical basketball coach in UNC-Chapel Hill history.  I couldn’t help but smile at just how Tar Heel blue the sky was that day.

Neil and I walked the streets of Franklin Street in Chapel Hill and enjoyed the reprieve in the cold weather.  We stopped into a Leggopalooza event and saw all kinds of fun buildings and cities.


We enjoyed some traditional Ben & Jerry’s Icecream and had a blast people watching.


We ended our first weekend as normal schedule folks with a walk down to the Haw River.  Not too far from our little homestead is a great artsy little community that usually has something fun going on.  We both are so looking forward to taking the pups down there in the Spring for a nightly walk.

HRW With the coming of Spring, my homestead head is full of gardening, chicken raising and goat getting ideas.  We have quite a large area in front of the Little Rock House that would look so much livelier with flowers.  Any ideas for brightly colored flowers that tolerate medium to full sun?

I am planning on making another sunflower “bloom” box for this house, I just loved the one at my old homestead.


We are also beginning to get our thoughts together on what kind of chicken coop we will be building this year.  We have neighboring chickens, which is new for me, so I won’t be able to let them free range like I did at my old homestead.  We don’t want any flock takeovers from our neighbor rooster!  Stay tuned later this week for my most popular post, “Crib to Coop” which explains how to transform an old crib to a functional, and portable, chicken coop.

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Officially Normal Schedule Folk

  1. I don’t know the official name but I call them Red Hot Sallies – they are, well, red, about a foot tall and spikey. There are purple ones too and again I don’t know the name. Some other favorites are black eyed susans, day lilies, daffodils, and snap dragons – just to name a few:) Have fun planting!

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