Snow Pig



Here in North Carolina we have been dusted in snow and ice.  While most Northerners poke fun at how a little bit of snow brings everything to a halt here in NC, it is pretty much true.  When the news of snow or ice is announced, it takes only hours for the local stores to run out of milk and bread.  It makes me wonder if folks are fearful they are never going to be allowed out of their houses again!

Now that I am a Mon-Fri folk, the pediatrician’s office was either closed or letting out early so I got to experience what it is like for the outside conditions to actually have an effect on whether or not you have to go to work.  When I worked in the ER, it didn’t matter what was falling from the sky, you were still expected to be present for your shift.

The weather delays gave Neil and I an unexpected whole day to complete a few projects left hanging over our head, and with the exception of our master bathroom, all major projects at the Little Rock House are complete.  It is such an incredible feeling to actually be caught up on things for a change!

Oliver experienced the snow in a whole new way this week.  I took him on an impromptu walk around the homestead, and surprisingly he loved the cold, wet snow.


He also enjoyed the fresh from the dryer blankets to warm up!  See Oliver and his snow walk in action HERE.

We also added a new furry face to the homestead and she is definitely not a fan of the snow.  Stay tuned later in the week for an introduction to Freyja our baby hedgehog.


Even though there is snow on the ground, we are busy planning our Spring projects.  Tractor Supply has already brought in baby chicks, so you know chicken season is right around the corner!

Our first order of business is to build our chicken coop and purchase our new flock. I haven’t decided what breeds I want this year yet.  I do know I will have a few Black Copper Marans, their dark chocolate eggs are so pretty!  Here is a rough sketch of what we have come up with so far.  I am so looking forward to the walk in run.

Prelim Coop Plans

What is on your Spring project list? We are almost exactly a month away from the official start of Spring, I am certainly ready to kiss this winter goodbye!

Until next time…



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