Freyja the Hedgehog



For those of you that have been around the homestead for awhile, you know I adore animals.  I have always had a passion for caring for creatures and have loved the satisfaction and joy that taking care of them brings.

Our most recent addition to the homestead is a 7 week old hedgehog.  Neil and I have been watching a variety of animal related vet shows (Yukon Vet and Dr. Pol are both awesome shows by the way!) and one of the stories was about a hedgehog.  After watching that episode, we both got the idea that a hedgehog would make a fun addition to the homestead.

After some research and online ad perusing, I found a breeder in a not too far away military town.  We made the 1.5 hour drive and met the breeder who brought along two baby hedgehogs, a male and female.  Freyja was instantly friendly and curious.  She crawled right up my sleeve and wouldn’t come out.  Her brother on the other hand, wanted nothing to do with us and staying tightly drawn up in the safety of his spike ball.

I was surprised at just how sharp the quills on the hedgehog are.  When Freyja is scared she pops her quills up and gives the characteristic “huffing” of a not happy hedgehog.  They are definitely temperamental little things.


After she warms up to you, she is definitely a cuddly little thing, despite her sharp spikes.


Cold temperatures can be dangerous to hedgehogs so she needs temperatures between 68-78.  Since it has been in the single digits around here lately, we put her in the bathroom under a heat lamp, since it is the warmest room in the house and she is much happier in there.  Our friends certainly never expected to have to share the bathroom with a hedgehog when they visit!

She eats kitty food that we soak in water because she has a hard time crunching up the hard pieces, from all of my research and talking with the breeder standard kitten food is whats best for hedgehogs.  She also has treats of crickets and mealworms, which she devours.  Check out that action HERE.

Freyja is very low maintenance with the biggest obligation being to handle her everyday so she stays friendly.  So far, she hasn’t been any trouble at all and she is a fun new addition here on the homestead.

Until next time…


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