When Neil and I woke up this morning, everything was covered in sparkling, bright white snow.  Over the night, we had 6 inches cover everything on our little homestead.  I know that for a lot of folks across the country snow is a typical sight in the winter, but here in the heart of North Carolina it is a beautifully rare experience.


We dressed in layers upon layers, and headed out to the family farm to enjoy this brief break in our dreary winter weather.

The farm was peacefully silent, with nothing but smooth, creamy snow as far as you could see.


Neil and I ventured out in the Ranger and explored the enchanted snow haven.


The snow burdened the old Cedar trees, and they lay drooped towards the earth, their backs heavy with Mother Nature’s desires.


The pond was unable to withstand the well below freezing temperatures of the last few weeks and lay frozen in its place, only the edges braving any movement against the frigid air.


As Neil and I ran through the snow covered pastures, our laughter and the sound of snowballs flying through the still air, I captured every detail of this sliver of time and buried it deep in my heart’s memory.

Until next time…


10 thoughts on “Snow

  1. nice to read your comments…..a great reminder that snow makes everything beautiful….something we don’t always remember as we shovel out from another storm….

  2. glad ya’ll enjoyed the snow it was pretty to see bt a mess at home and on the job site, luckily the ice was minimal and we salted the sidewalks but I did get nailed by a sheet of falling, melting icicles.

  3. How beautiful the world looks under freshly fallen snow. Here in Michigan we’ve had more than our share this year, but not as much as say Boston! Glad you enjoyed the snowy treat!

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