Have I mentioned it is chicken season?


March is the official start of chicken season and I am beyond excited.  I adore chickens and can’t wait to make them a part of my homestead again.  Neil has never raised chickens before and it is going to be so fun to start this journey with him.

We have a corner of our homestead picked out for the Chicken Palace.  There is some brush that needs to be cleared, but we should be able to get that done this weekend.

Chicken coops are extremely expensive and can range from $500 to $2000.  I found a local company who does a rent to own chicken coop purchase plan and decided to go with that option so we didn’t have to come up with as much money initially.  This is a fantastic business idea because keeping backyard chickens has become popular in recent years and most people are discouraged when they learn how much coops cost.  I am paying around $30 a month for a fantastic coop that I normally wouldn’t be able to afford.

The company delivers and sets up the coop for $10 which is well worth it-chicken coops are super heavy and take quite a few people to move one.  They said it should be delivered within a few weeks.  What do you think?


And the inside:


I have never had good luck with the pre-fab roosts. All of my chickens have preferred a rounded, natural branch roost so I will likely have to replace the ones that come with this coop.

Neil and I are wanting a few specialty breeds, purely for our entertainment.  I mean how can you not smile when you look at this?

unnamed (1)

(Thank you Google Images!)

I have been in contact with two local hatcheries that sex (determining the gender when chicks are first born-as opposed to “straight run” which mean you won’t find out if they are a rooster or a hen until you get an egg or a cock a doodle do!), but both have not so great people skills. Let’s hope that just means they are really good at raising quality birds!

In the next few weeks, Neil and I will make the trip to go pick out our fabulous flock.

Do you have any chicken plans for this spring? I would love to hear about them!

Until next time…



12 thoughts on “Have I mentioned it is chicken season?

  1. Actually the best roost for a chicken is a 2X4 with the wide side facing up. This gives them a good place to sit on top of their feet to keep warm in the winter. A rounded roost pole doesn’t give them the same coverage and they have to balance. New chicks will naturally choose a flat roost over a round one. If they are older chicks they will prefer whatever they had been using before you got them. I thought they would prefer what is found in nature and if left to their own devices they would roost in a tree. Found out that’s only because they feel safer up high. My friend has a barn the chicks roost in. He built them rounded roosts and they ignored them and flew into the rafters to roost at night.

  2. Sweet coop! I inherited my childhood playhouse which my husband moved to our house and made into a chicken coop. It’s so funny walking in it! But it’s perfect. I hope to paint it this spring. They even have 2 full size windows that open and close and a screen door! My plans for the spring involve hatching! I finally got an incubator and hope to hatch more silkies and buff orpingtons to replenish our aging flocks. Our silkies have hatched all our eggs until now but at a 75% rooster turnout almost every hatch I have to try something else. Silkie roosters are hard to get rid of because no one wants to eat them.

    What is that breed of chicken? It reminds me of one of those intricate mushrooms in an old fallen tree.

    • Hey RW! That is so neat about your childhood playhouse. I would love to see a picture of it! I don’t blame you for switching to something else. Silkies always remind me of Dr. Seuss characters. I love how their ears are such neat colors. That chicken is a Polish Frizzle. I completely agree with your mushroom comment, maybe I will name one a type of mushroom name 😉

    • I have never had a problem with snakes in my area, but I have always made my chicken coops Fort Knox style. Hawks and foxes are the worst around here in my experience, but my new flock will have a giant run and lots of extra strong chicken wire to protect them. I just adore chickens, they remind me of chatty old ladies : )

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