Fairy Tail Farm


My family farm is in a tiny little NC town called Efland.  My original homestead was located here, so it holds a special place in my heart.

The family farm has some fantastic neighbors, and I thought it would be fun to introduce you to Fairy Tail Farm, owned by Rommie and Sherry.  They have a stunning piece of property that overlooks a lovely pond and acres of rolling green pasture.

Fairy Tail Farm is straight out of a fairy tale, and they have an eclectic family of animals that are full of personality and style.

Miss Gail Marie has enthusiastically taken up an equestrian riding hobby and thoroughly enjoys riding the donkeys around the pastures, and they sure don’t seem to mind!

sideways donk3


Not wanting to be outdone, Rocky the cat saddled up to join the fun.


Looks like Rocky enjoys a variety of riding sports, including swine saddle!


After a long hard day of grazing and observing the equestrian sports, Miss Muffet enjoys a relaxing soak in the bath.  Look at that face-what a happy girl!


Although most people don’t give chickens credit for being particularly emotional, this Silkie roosted by her beloved friend who was ill, until she passed on to Chicken Heaven.


Fairy Tail Farm has a fabulous flock of Silkie Chickens.  It looks like they are well aware of just how stylish and special they are.



The goats at Fairy Tail Farm enjoy visiting The Sweet Shop and hanging out with their feline friend Rocky.




From donkey riding turkeys to fashionista hens, Fairy Tail Farm is truly one of the most delightful farms around.  Thank you for sharing with us Rommie and Sherry!

Do you have a farm, garden or homestead you would like to share with everyone? Send me an email and include some pictures for a spotlight story here at the homestead!  Email me at homesteadredhead@gmail.com

Until next time…



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