A Sick Pig & A Rabbit Haircut


What a weekend.  We knew going into this weekend that it was going to be busy and we were definitely not wrong about that!

Our Saturday morning started out with a vet visit by our pet pig.  Oliver had his hooves trimmed and got vaccines for the first time.  Since he was rarely outside prior to moving to the Little Rock House, I had never had him vaccinated before.  After speaking with the vet she recommended vaccinating him for rabies and another common illness that pigs can obtain from the soil.  I was assured that pigs rarely have a reaction to vaccines.  Oliver did ok during the actual vaccination, but 15 minutes after the vet left, he was definitely not ok.

Oliver began shaking violently and not acting himself.  After a few more minutes he began projectile vomiting.  I immediately called the vet back but she assured me that it was more than likely a stress reaction.  Oliver continued to decline as the hours went by.

He laid in his bed refusing to get up or even open his eyes and his breathing was labored.  Needless to say I was a very worried pig mama.  He wouldn’t even eat and this boy has never, ever refused to eat.

As Oliver laid there pitifully I again reached out to the vet relaying his symptoms, the vet agreed with me that Oliver was more than likely reacting to the vaccines.

Later that night, Oliver drank a little warm sugar water, but still refused to get up.  I tucked him in and hoped the morning would bring a much perkier pig.

Sunday morning, I awoke and came around the corner to what I was hoping was my usual hungry Oliver standing at his gate demanding to be fed, but there he lay tucked in just as I left him from the night before.


I aggravated him until he got up and helped him outside to his water dish.  It made me feel much better that he was at least drinking.  A few days went by and Oliver is finally back to his old self.  Thank you everyone for the well wishes, they were much appreciated!

We also took Raffi to a local farm to get his terribly matted fur cut this weekend.  He was beyond our skill level, and both Neil and I were hesitant to cut through all the mats for fear of cutting him.  It took the Angora rabbit specialist almost two hours to de-mat him.  He is much less fluffy, but much happier now!


Neil and I have been hard at work on our chicken run this week, stay tuned for details.  We are also picking up our new chicks on Saturday and I can’t wait to introduce them to ya’ll!

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “A Sick Pig & A Rabbit Haircut

  1. I’m so glad Oliver is feeling better. Poor piggy! Can’t wait to start hearing about the new brood of “ladies” y’all will be getting this weekend. 🙂

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