Time Marches On


This week has seemed to drag by.  I am not sure if it is just my Spring fever, but I would have definitely preferred to be working on the homestead this week instead of in an office!

The chicks have continued to grow and begin their transformation into hens, all but one fuzzy little girl.  One of our Polish is a tiny little runt and has not grown at all since we brought her home.  She is getting adult feathers, but her size has remained unchanged.  I was worried she might not make it, but she is active and feisty and besides being small, appears to be healthy.


The girls got an upgrade on their brooder box this week.  They now have roosting poles to perch on.  It is amazing to me how intense animals’ instincts are.  They have been completely confined and have never seen adult chickens, yet they know to scratch at the ground for food, and roost in the evenings for safety.

These instincts are such an interesting phenomenon, it makes me wonder if humans didn’t have so much outer (and inner for that matter) noise, how much different this world would be; if we relied more on instincts, instead of what was presented to us via media or other sources.

On a trip to Ireland when I was a little girl, a gray haired, Irishman told me a story about a study done with a family of rabbits.  The mother rabbit was left in a room with a heart monitor on and her litter of kits (baby rabbits) were taken in a submarine deep down below the water.  At various intervals, the kits were killed, one by one, and the times documented.  When the submarine emerged, they compared the documented times the kits were killed, to the mother’s heart tracing.  They found that at each time one of her kits passed away, their was a noticeable jump in her heart rate.  Whether this a real study, or one made up by an old Irishman, it raises some interesting thoughts about the strength of instincts.

This weekend brings a mad dash to haul and unload several truck beds full of dirt, complete our garden, and finish the Chicken Palace run.  We still don’t have a delivery date for the coop yet, but I was promised by the company to know by the end of the day when our coop would arrive.

The breeder who could possibly have Polish Frizzle chicks says the chicks are too young to distinguish the frizzled from the smooth (they need to be at least a week old), so I am patiently waiting to see if he has any Frizzles we can bring home.  Frizzled chickens are the potential offspring of a frizzled and smooth feathered chicken, and they are a very rare occurrence.

Along with Spring brings several new arrivals to my family.  My sister and her husband will welcome their fifth child, and my good friend and her husband welcome their first child home.  I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of these precious new little ones.

Spring brings new projects, new hopes and new life-such an exciting time of year to be here on the homestead.

Until next time…


3 thoughts on “Time Marches On

  1. Great article! Your little ladies are so cute! I love little fluffy chicks. And the runt is so adorable, I bet she’s going to have the neatest personality. And fingers crossed you get a frizzle.

    I’m with you on the spring fever. When I worked full time I use to run outside as soon as we had some sort of “break” at lunch and just soak in the sunshine and fresh air. It’s hard to keep a good outlook on your job cooped up in an office when all you truly want is to be outside:) But someone’s gotta do it. And coming from a mom, nurses at peds offices can make a big difference in a mom’s outlook on her children, her day, the health of her family, etc. I remember crying on the phone to our peds nurse that I had no idea what I was doing. She could’ve thought I was nuts and called social services but instead she totally calmed me down, explained it was all normal and I was doing a great job. It totally changed my day, week, probably my month and beyond. You never know what some of those moms are facing and your great attitude can change how they view their day. Plus 5:00 always comes:)

    Have a great weekend despite our crazy NC weather! Maybe this will be the last of old man winter for awhile. He needs to pack his bags and get out!

    • I totally relate to you running outside, that is exactly how I feel! Thank you for the encouragement, it is much needed this week! I completely agree with you about this weather, we are ready for warn NC nights : ) Have a great week, I so enjoy your comments!

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