The Chicken Palace Has a Door!


It is a wet, chilly morning here in the heart of North Carolina.  This weekend we saw temperatures in the 20s which is quite unusual for us when it is almost April.

Neil and I worked ten hour days trying to get all our projects done around the homestead on our weekend.

We hauled dirt, shoveled dirt and hauled dirt some more.


I am so thankful for my little Tacoma.  I have had that truck since I was 16, and it has been more useful than any other piece of equipment on the homestead.  We definitely made full use of that truck bed this weekend, between the dirt loads, trash loads and hauling lumber for our Chicken Palace run, we both were so thankful for that little green truck.


I painted all of the outer poles of the chicken run, and we attached the remaining panels of chicken wire.  The best advice I can give when working with chicken wire is a good pair of gloves and a lot of patience!


Neil and I headed to an awesome used building materials warehouse in Durham, The Reuse Warehouse on Geer Street, to find the perfect chicken run door.  We knew we wanted a rustic style door, and the Reuse Warehouse is a perfect place to go.  Although they can be a bit pricey, since rustic chic is in style right now, they have some really unique finds.  As we looked around the large building, there were 100 year old barn doors and old house doors galore.

I had been in the warehouse previously and seen a door I loved, but at the time we had no idea we were going to build such an extravagant chicken palace!  When I saw the door was still there, I knew that was the one.  A little rough around the edges, and nails sticking out from every angle, we saw the potential this 1930s door held.


With a little restoration, the door was exactly what I had envisioned.


Neil and I don’t have any construction experience, so we knew we would have to do some figuring to install this functioning chicken run door.  With a lot of measuring and concrete, we now have a fully functioning chicken run door.


We still have to stain the door support beams and pour a slab of concrete under the door, but we were thankful our novice plans worked.

The Chicken Palace is certainly coming along, we just have the roofing to install and oh and one minor thing, the coop!  The company says there is a delay in shipping-you would think I would just learn to expect things like this-so we are unsure when the coop will actually get here.

Our girls are growing every day and I am beginning to expect “Gladiator,” as named by the sweetest blonde haired boy ever, might be an accurate name.  Neil and I have noticed some dominant behavior and when Lilly investigated the little flock, Gladiator jumped in between the girls and Lilly to protect them.  We will wait and see if we hear any cock a doodle-dos from this little chick.


Until next time…


14 thoughts on “The Chicken Palace Has a Door!

  1. Awesome finds and work my friend! I love it all and it’s coming together so nicely. Great find in the door as well. Can’t wait to see more pictures. XOXO – Bacon

  2. Love how the chicken palace is coming along! That freeze this past weekend WAS much later than normal but then we’ve had a ton more winter weather here in upstate South Carolina than most years! At least now, we should be in true spring now!

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