70 Years Together


Happy Easter everyone!  Today is not only an important day because it is Easter, but also because today marks the 70th wedding anniversary of my grandparents.

They are truly an inspiration of what it means to be committed for life, being together even when it seems easier not too, and showing unconditional love even when the other probably doesn’t deserve it.

I am re-posting a blog I wrote last year to celebrate this major milestone and let you in on what an amazing couple they are.

Happy Easter everyone!

For those of you that have been on the homestead for awhile and read my articles in Carolina Country (catch up HERE), I love spending time with my Papa and Grandma. Papa and Grandma are my daddy’s parents.

They owned and worked on the big dairy farm, along with my great grandparents, in Chapel Hill.  My Papa is suffering from Alzheimer’s Disease and this has been extremely hard on the family, especially Grandma.  Papa recently made a move to an assisted living facility, while my grandma remained at their house.

My grandparents have been married for 69 (now 70!) years.  That’s nearly 5,000 days spent together.  That’s literally a lifetime of living, learning and growing together.

The story of how they met is one of my very favorites of all time.  I can’t do this story justice because when either my Papa or Grandma tell this story the tinkle they get in their eyes is one that floods the room with warmth and memories of long ago.

After a long week’s work, my grandma and her friends went out to a local bar to get a drink.  As she chatted and relaxed with her friends, a flying cigarette landed right in her beer.  Outraged at this, she looked around and demanded to know whose cigarette landed in her beer.

And who should make his way over, but a young, enlisted army soldier who came right over to apologize.  That soldier was my Papa.  As he charmingly fibbed that he was born in the same place my grandma was to impress her, neither one knew what this moment in time would bring.  As they parted ways that day, only to be brought together again a week later by circumstance, the wheels of destiny were set into motion.

That act of fate brought four children into this world, four grandchildren and seven great grand children.  That flying cigarette forever altered the universe in so many ways.

I spent the day with my grandma last week and we had a lovely lunch, cooked dinner together and visited Papa.  He showed me all around his new place and excitedly told me all about his new friends.  We looked at a scrapbook of all his accomplishments and just enjoyed simple conversation.  As Grandma and I got ready to leave Papa, who is in his nineties, jumped up to walk us out.  Grandma asked him for a kiss and he excitedly pulled her to him.  They kissed so hard it nearly knocked them both to the ground.

After 90 years of life, and 69 (now 70!) years of marriage, their love still nearly topples them over. True love is such a rare creature in this world, cleverly disguised and showing itself to only to a precious few.

Every day can bring a new adventure, a twist of fate that changes the universe forever.  I’ve learned to embrace the detours of life because they tend to set me on an adventure I would have completely missed otherwise.


Until next time,


4 thoughts on “70 Years Together

  1. Thank you for such a beautiful story. Though I have only had my loving husband for half that long, I am grateful for every day of his love and the roads we have traveled together.

    • You and your husband are also an inspiration. Thank you for sharing your lovely comment with us. It must truly be a unique (and very blessed) journey to spend a lifetime with one individual.

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