The Frizzles Finally Come Home


This weekend is the annual Piedmont Farm Tour and I am super excited since this will be Neil’s first time and we are bringing my precious nieces and nephews.  The forecast is calling for rain all weekend, but I am so hoping it holds off so we can tour some local farms.

This week brought crazy rain and wind to the homestead.  One very large branch crashed down on our chicken run and damaged a few panels, but we fixed it without too much headache.


We are both very ready to have the Chicken Palace complete.  My parents were gracious enough to come over and help us get it moved to the correct spot.  This was no small undertaking.  It involved a three ton jack, logs and a lot of brains and muscle-and we were only moving it a few feet!  My mama’s designated job was to be the 911 caller, but luckily she didn’t have to complete this duty.

All that is left now is to place the netting on top of the run, so no hawks swoop in for a fly through meal, and the girls should be able to be moved out to their grand Chicken Palace.

The frizzles came home this week and they were well worth the wait.  We now have two Tolbunt Polish frizzles and one smooth Tolbunt Polish chick.  They are unsexed and I am so hoping for a rooster out of one of them!


Neil and I have been looking at options for buying our beef in bulk since we spend so much money at the grocery store on meat each week.  Next year we will hopefully be raising our own meat chickens, but a beef cow isn’t practical for us.  Has anyone had any experience with this?  Did you feel like it saved money in the long run?

Neil built me a potato box this wek, but with all this rain I am wondering if it will end up being just a box of rotten potatoes!

potato box

Our garden has not been fairing too well, so we bought a soil test kit and found it was lacking a few key minerals.  I am working on organic options to replace these much needed nutrients.


We will also be bringing lambs home in June and are going back to the local sheep farm to pick out our babies next week.  Can’t wait to bring those sweet little faces home.

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “The Frizzles Finally Come Home

  1. We can’t do beef here either mainly because we don’t have enough pasture to do it in a way I see viable. However we’re raising pigs and goats both of with can be eaten.

  2. Hi Honey. Boy, you guys have been busy! Those frizzie chickens are hilarious! I can just see Pat now with phone in hand when you moved the palace. Stay safe, dry and warm. I guess spring/summer will get here eventually. I love reading your blog!

    Love you!

    Aunt Laura

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