A Farm Tour & A Ginkgo Biloba Tree


It has been a big week here on the homestead.

Last weekend Neil and I took my niece and nephew to the Piedmont Farm Tour, and despite the freezing weather and mud, had a great time.  We saw several unique farms and enjoyed seeing how differently they all operated.

There were plenty of pigs big and small.



One farm we visited had more chickens than I had ever seen in any one location.  There were chickens everywhere.  This is just a small sample of their daily haul of eggs.


A few mischievous goats…


And a few very muddy cows…


We finished off the farm tour at a local farm’s ice cream store and it was a delicious end to a great day.

The Chicken Palace is almost finished and it is awesome-photo tour to come soon!  We moved the girls out there, all lucky 13 of them, and they have had a blast exploring their new territory.  I am so glad there are no more chickens on our porch.

Neil and I have been hard at work landscaping the homestead.  With the homestead ideals in mind, I not only want our land to look nice, but be functional too.  We removed more Daffodils than I could count, apparently the previous owners were Daffodil and Iris fanatics, and are replacing them with honeyberries and a patch of blueberries.

Since blueberries require acid soil, I have pre-treated the soil with an organic soil acidifier prior to getting those tasty berry bushes into the ground.

On a whim, Neil and I stopped at a local garden store and found a great price on Japanese Maples.  Neil has always loved these, but since they are typically so expensive we hadn’t purchased any yet.  Never mind we were not in the truck, we made it work!


  This week also brought a super special little girl into the world.  My good friend and her husband welcomed home a happy, healthy baby girl.  Neil and I planted a Ginkgo Biloba tree in her honor on the day she was born.  May it bring her wisdom and equip her with the insight to make smart choices as she navigates this wild and crazy world.


Neil and I are heading out to the sheep farm tomorrow to pick out our lambs.  They should be ready to come home to the homestead in a few more weeks.  That’s probably a good thing since we haven’t had time to build them a pasture yet!  Start thinking of some good names for the lambs, there may be a naming contest in the near future (*wink, wink*)

These last few months of Neil and I working a “normal person” schedule have been very enlightening.  I wouldn’t trade the last few months of coming home at the same time as Neil, working around the homestead, eating dinner together and going to bed together for anything in the world.  However, working all week and trying to cram all our projects and adventures into the very short weekends just isn’t working for us.

That ER bug that infected me long ago in nursing school has got me itching to return to the familiar, exhausting chaos I have known for the five years.  With that in mind, I am heading back to the ER and back to night shift.  Since Neil will soon be released back to full duty, we will both be on shift work schedule.  Despite my best efforts, I just don’t think a routine and being settled is in my redheaded nature!

Stay tuned, we have many more adventures coming up here on the homestead!

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “A Farm Tour & A Ginkgo Biloba Tree

  1. OHHH I want to here how the honeyberries do! I grow ALOT of stuff and love blueberries but I haven’t been able to get 2 honeyberries to live and it takes at least 2 to get fruit.

    Glad to hear you’ve had a productive week despite the weather. You and the tree look very happy:)

    • Hey RW : ) I am super excited. Today is berry planting day at the homestead so I am counting down the minutes until I am off work. I bought four different honeyberry bushes since they need another type to pollinate so I hope that does the trick! Thank you so much-have a wonderful weekend!

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