Chicken Palace Completion


The Chicken Palace is probably one of the largest projects we have ever attempted here on the homestead.  After months of hard work, it is finally useable.  While there are still some finishing touches left to complete, the chickens are loving their new residence.

Once the finishing touches are in place, I will give you all the grand tour, but what do you think so far?


We are planning on installing some awesome roosts for the girls inside the run, as well as some decorative vines.

I am going to plant some kind of perennial vine on the outside of the coop, and train it up the chicken wire.  Any suggestions for vines that aren’t toxic to chickens?

I researched for a while about what plants chickens will leave alone and I found that butterfly bushes and roses tend to have better luck against the wrath of the chickens.

I planted a butterfly bush, since I just love how many different butterflies they tend to attract.  After a day or two, the chickens launched a full scale attack on the bush, so there goes that research.  I ended up barricading the butterfly bush with chicken wire, so I hope that will give it a fighting chance.

The rabbits are also currently enjoying the luxury of the Chicken Palace.


Raffi enjoyed many rounds of chicken bowling on Sunday.  He would wait until all the girls were in a group and run as fast as he could towards them.  The girls were not amused at his rabbit mischief!

Oliver has been a wild man lately, but spent Sunday lounging on his porch.


We planted the honeyberry and blueberry bushes this weekend also.  Neil and I have been trying to arrange the netting, to keep the birds away, in a way that looks nice also, but we haven’t had much luck.  If anyone has any creative ideas for bird protection that looks nice, I would love to hear them!

Until next time…


15 thoughts on “Chicken Palace Completion

  1. I always look forward to your posts and photos. My sister once had chickens and named their coop – CLUCKINGHAM PALACE. This would make a cute sign, just sayin’. ha.

  2. Grapes make a good vine to grow over fencing for chickens. They shade the run, provide fruit that hangs down from the netting for the homeowner and chickens eat the insects and fruit that drops from the vine. The run looks large so I am sure they will be happy chicks. I have never heard of a honeyberry. What is that? As far as the blueberries go, I have never had to worry about the birds because we have so much for them to eat that I just don’t miss any of the blueberries and get enough to eat and freeze off of 3 large plants. The birds seem to be more attracted to the grapes than the blueberries.

    • Hey Anne! I sure hope our blueberry bushes are as happy as yours are. Homegrown blueberries are so delicious. A grape vine would be pretty hanging down from the netting.
      Honeyberry is described as a cross between honeysuckles and blueberries. I have never tasted them, but with that combination they sure sound yummy!

  3. Climbing roses are nice, chickens usually don’t bother roses. Mine don’t anyway. They really enjoyed my butterfly bush too, every mouthful!

    Your chicken palace looks awesome. Lucky ladies living in luxury:)

    Your rabbits don’t dig out?

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