Garden Progress & Fresh Organic Berries


The garden has finally begun to turn around.  With some heavy organic blood meal fertilizer, the veggies have started to look much healthier.  Our garlic is growing like crazy.  Our peppers are still looking yellow and sad, any tips for growing hot peppers?


Our tomatoes, most of them anyway, seem to be happy and are getting pleasantly burdened with big green tomatoes.


The sudden North Carolina heat wave hasn’t seemed to blitz our broccoli yet, so I am hoping that we will get a few lush heads still.


We definitely have plans to expand our raised beds next year.  We both just love walking out every day and seeing the progress our garden is making.

Our 100 pound potato box has taken off like wildfire.  They seem to grow at least an inch every day.  We are getting ready to place another board around the potato box and hill the plants with fertile dirt again.


Neil and I found an awesome certified organic strawberry patch (strawberries are on the ‘Dirty Dozen’ list for the most pesticides) in Cedar Grove, NC called Whitted Bowers Farm, check them out HERE.

They had three different types of strawberries, who knew?  One was the traditional berry, one type was mini and tasted like melon, and the other type was rough to the touch, but were the sweetest berries I have ever had in my life.

Neil and I spent the late morning bent over the seemingly endless rows of red, juicy berries and picked an entire bucket full.We gorged ourselves on the fresh berries the entire way home-so tasty!


The strawberry season will be over soon-have you gone and picked your own yet?

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “Garden Progress & Fresh Organic Berries

  1. You know I wonder if as you get older your tastes change? As recently I had one of each.. a strawberry, a blackberry, a raspberry and a blueberry. Oddly the one that tasted the best was the blueberry. I use to not care for blueberries at all btu now I can’t seem to get enough and the strawberries seem to have no flavor.

    • I would agree with you. It has been shown in studies our taste buds change the older we get. I was a terribly picky eater when I was younger and have definitely expanded my tastes to a wider variety the older I get. I sure love blueberries too!

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