Bribing Goats & New Nursing Adventures


Slowly, but surely the goats are becoming more accustomed to us.  They still have not gotten the hang of the electric fence-neither have Peanut, Lilly or Oliver who have been thoroughly traumatized by accidently touching the fence.  We now tie Sawyer and Daisy in the center of the electric fencing so they can’t reach the fencing, but can graze freely within the fence.


Sweet feed has been the bribe that has worked the best so far, they are still not huge fans of us touching them, but will tolerate it with sweet feed bribery!

Sawyer has the sweetest freckles on his nose, and matching ones on his behind.  I refrained from posting a picture of a goat booty-no matter how cute I think it is!


Since our strawberry plants have mostly gone by, we removed them from the garden so they wouldn’t continue to take precious nutrients from our raised bed soil.  Since we like to utilize everything here on the homestead, we fed the strawberry plant to our Chicken Palace residents.  The rabbits and chickens sure enjoyed the remaining strawberries and leaves!


Our 100 pounds of potato box has been doing great, take a look at the box just one month after planting!


 We will continue to add a board and dirt until the box is fairly tall.  This gives plenty of room for those delicious potatoes to do their thing underground.

Our blueberry patch has been productive even in this first year of planting.  Those deep blue berries are quite tasty.


We even spotted an almost ripe tomato already.  Our little cherry tomato plant is covered in grape sized, green tomatoes.


Much to her dismay, Freyja got a bath this week.  She is such a curious little creature.  She spends every morning working out as hard as she can on her wheel.  Every morning like clockwork we can hear her running as fast as her little legs will carry her.


This week I ended my time as a pediatric office nurse-I will totally miss my girls there-and will be attending orientation at UNC for their new ER next week.  So excited to be a part of UNC and back in the ER.  My travel assignment (I’ll be doing that until the new UNC ER opens) starts in June, I am excited to meet new folks and a new patient population.

From our homestead to yours, have a restful and fun Memorial Day!

Until next time…


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