Shift Work Perks


Last week was my first week at my travel assignment and it went great.  The drive isn’t too bad at all and everyone has been super friendly.  It feels so good to be back starting IVs, managing critical patients and back on night shift.  With days off during the week it is so much easier to keep up with things around the homestead.  I don’t know how people who work Monday through Friday manage to stay on top of their to do lists-I definitely have a greater respect for you folks!

With more time at home, I was able to whip up a batch of laundry detergent.

laundry soap

Haven’t ever made a batch? It is super easy and saves a ton of money.  There are plenty of recipes out there, here is one of my favorites liquid laundry soap recipe.  If you prefer powder, just add one cup borax, one cup washing soda and grate one bar of soap.  Mix well, you can use a food processor for a finer powder, and use 2-3 tbsp per load.  This recipe makes enough for around 30 loads.

The garden has had quite a few challenges this season, but what has survived is doing great.  The tomato plants that survived are flourishing.  We are going to be knee deep in fresh, delicious tomatoes in a few weeks! Our cherry tomato plants have more green tomatoes on them than we can count.


The potato box is growing out of control, I can’t wait to see what is growing underneath the soil.  We added another layer of wood to the box this week.  Look at these pretty little potato flowers.

potato flower

Our cucumber vines are starting to climb and are full of yellow flowers and mini cucumbers.  We are so excited to make homemade pickles.


The girls are thoroughly enjoying their Chicken Palace.  We used closet rods in their palace as roosts.  These help with entertainment and keep the girls cool since the breeze can get to their bellies.

chk roosts

After a year of having her, Rosie finally learned how to go up and down ramps, and she loves being up in the chicken coop, watching everything from her perch.


Our kiwi-berry vine is continuing to grow, I am so interested to taste those little mini kiwis in a year or two.

kiwi vine

I can’t believe the second week of June is already here, time just seems to fly by.  I take every opportunity I can to memorize the way Neil’s eyes crinkle when he is smiling at me, the chaotic combustion of laughter and little voices of my nieces and nephews, every corner of our little homestead and the diverse creatures that live there; I don’t want to forget a single thing about this season of life.

Until next time…


9 thoughts on “Shift Work Perks

  1. Very Interesting – what a nice life , country living ! I enjoy all the neat stuff you are planting, raising ,growing ,learning and doing! But that job has to be a real tough one . Good luck with it all,but you at least have someone to be there with you to share it. Keep sending us all you have on your mind so we can continue to be amazed ! Regards.

  2. After reading your post yesterday I took a quick trip to my local grocery store and got a few items to whip up a batch of homemade laundry detergent too! I’ve always wanted to make this but just never have…thanks for the inspiration!

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