Chicken Palace Tour


After hours and hours and hours, did I mention hours?, of work the Chicken Palace is complete.  Although the girls, Raffi and Rosie (our resident coop rabbits) have been living there for several weeks, we still had some finishing touches to put on the palace.

We still need to haul in a few loads of dirt to help fill in the side panels and add some extra scratch material for the girls, but for the most part the Chicken Palace is complete.

This is what the area looked like before we started building.


A few months later…

frontcoop The white flower sculptures are made out of spoons.  We bought that on our trip to Southport from a local artist, he had some amazing work!  The pots are filled with Rosemary.


Since chickens are notorious for pulverizing vegetation, I am using chicken wire to protect the new plants until they are strong enough to withstand the chickens.  This vine is a flowering bougainvillea which will eventually grow up the post.

coop1 Part of the run is roofed so the girls will have shelter from rain and snow.  The rest is covered with netting to keep the hawks from having a free buffet.  The feeding and watering station is under the shelter to protect the food from getting wet and mildewing.

We also put in roosts, formerly closet rods, which the girls love to climb on while out and about in the run.  We can also put battery operated candles in the lanterns when we are out enjoying the evening.  One of the Polish photobombed this picture!


Chickens need stimulation to help prevent as much bullying as possible.  We added a brick staircase and some ladders for exercise and entertainment.  The girls love to climb on these.  Staying up off the ground also helps them cool off on our high 90 degree summer days here in North Carolina.


Outside the run, we have access to the nesting boxes for daily egg collecting.  The girls are only a month away from laying age and we are so excited!


We purchased this cedar coop from a local business and are so glad we did.  We can walk inside the coop for cleaning and there is a vent and window that can be opened or closed, depending on the season.  We still need to fill in some areas with dirt, but put cinder blocks under the legs to ward off rot.


Although I am not a huge fan of the metal feeder bins, I am going to spray paint it one day, it is easily accessible for feeding and throwing out scratch.  Just make sure you have a tight fitting lid because raccoons are experts at removing them!

I hope you have enjoyed our Chicken Palace tour.  What do you think?

Until next time…


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10 thoughts on “Chicken Palace Tour

  1. Great tour! Looks like the high-rent chicken district! You’ve done a super job making a wonderful environment for your girls and bunnies.

  2. Wow what a great chicken run! We have free range chickens but unfortunately they are being taken by Hawks foxes owls and coyotes! So we are in the process of upgrading the run for our girls!

  3. Nice work! Its a lovely setting and a great sized run for them. You are about six weeks aheaad of us with the chicks, I have three layers that are 10 weeks old, almost. We have been building a run and painting a coop we were given, so hopefully the set-up will be in place soon. I lok forward to how the ladies do as egg time approaches!

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