Cherry Tomatoes Galore


Neil and I spent the day yesterday browsing the big Raleigh flea market.  It was so fun looking through the eclectic collection of things.  If you are anywhere near Raleigh, I definitely recommend checking it out, there is something for everyone!

Our work schedules have been a bit hectic lately, but we are both working hard to get out of debt.  Since traveling is a great opportunity to catch up on debt, I have been budgeting carefully.  Six weeks into my current assignment, I have been able to pay off the chicken coop, half of one credit card and my not so friendly IRS bill from taxes last year.  Every time I get to remove something from my bill calendar it is so rewarding.

Since our cherry tomato plant has gone completely crazy, it now towers over me and has eaten the cucumber plant and invaded the rest of the tomatoes, we are getting tons of cherry tomatoes every day. Luckily I have found plenty of people to share them with, so none have gone to waste so far!

We harvested the potatoes this week, which were much smaller than we anticipated.  Overall the one ton potato box was a bust, so next year we are going to use it for something else and do a different potato growing plan.  We have gotten a few meals out of the potato harvest though so it wasn’t all bad.


In the evenings, we have been free ranging the girls and the rabbits.  We weren’t sure Raffi and Rosie would stay around, but so far they run around the yard and go back to the coop when it is time to go to bed.  The girls adore this free ranging time-despite the magnificent home they have!-and run and fly around like they have been locked up for weeks.

The frizzles are definitely an interesting breed.  One frizzle has turned out beautifully.


However, her two sisters are a bit special needs.  They have very odd behaviors which leads me to assume genetically they are not good stock.  We definitely won’t be breeding these two, but do enjoy the uniqueness they bring.  The smooth frizzle actually comes when you call her and will perch on your shoulder.  She is one of my favorites.


A typical day in the Chicken Palace,


Oliver’s porch got a makeover this weekend, he now has a new bed and a hopefully Oliver proof litter box.  He enjoys dumping all the dirty shavings out all over his porch, which is super fun to clean up.


My grandmother is giving us a freezer next week which we are so grateful for.  This gives us the opportunity to look into a cow/pig share and prepare for next Spring when we plan to raise quail, turkey and rabbits for meat.

I hope everyone has had a great weekend, anyone working on any fun homestead projects?

Until next time…


9 thoughts on “Cherry Tomatoes Galore

  1. Hi, I learned about your blog from one of my Carolina Country magazines a while back. I really enjoy following your fun blog! I love your frizzle chickens you have pictured there! They are adorable. I have 3 chickens, but only 2 that lay one egg each every day. Not sure what breed they are. There’s one white and 2 black. My son helped hatch them in one of his middle school classes & got to bring them home. I thoroughly enjoy their everyday antics. Your cherry tomatoes look great! I am just learning about gardening and plan to try planting some veggies next year or even this year if I can find something that grows in the fall or winter. Your blogs are inspirational to me, as I aspire to be a homesteader like you. I have a wonderful older friend who grew up on a farm that is full of knowledge about gardening and canning and I hope to learn as much as I can from her. Thank you for sharing your adventures…. 🙂

    • So great to meet you Christy! That is such a neat project that your son got to participate in. Aren’t chickens are the best? Gardening is such a fun experience, there is nothing quite like eating something you grew yourself. Thank you for following us here on the homestead, we are so glad you are here!

  2. Have you ever dehydrated any of your extra tomatoes? We wash them and cut them in slices (cherry you could probably half) sprinkle with garlic salt or basil and garlic powder, cracked black pepper or whatever suits you. Dry till crisp and then store in a plastic bag or tuppperware and they keep really well for months. My kids eat them like chips and I love to add them to sandwiches. You can rehydrate them but we usually eat them all before I need to rehydrate for recipes. They are addictive.

    Can’t wait to hear about the adventure of raising your own meat! I’ve yet to be able to agree to the killing of one of our rabbits. I’d love to try turkeys that’s so exciting!!

    That frizzle is one fancy lady! She looks like a little old lady all dressed up for church:)

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