Relentless Schedules


These last few weeks have been relentlessly busy.  I spent several years living that way, working days upon days in a row, cramming as many to do’s and outings with family and friends I could possible fit into a week.

Since Neil and I have settled in to our house together 7 months ago now, we both have worked hard at aligning our schedules and not jam packing our days full of obligations and chores.  I hadn’t realized until now just how used to that quieter lifestyle I had become.

The way our schedules fell the last few weeks has been tough.  In addition to this, I start a part time job this week at a new hospital so I’m working six shifts instead of my usual three.  We will both be super glad to get things settled back down in another few weeks.

My current assignment is only a few weeks away from coming to a close (3 months flew by!) and I will be starting my next assignment at a hospital in Raleigh, NC in September.

I was able to catch up on some homesteading chores this week, for which all the critters were grateful!

I cleaned out all the nest boxes and got them ready for our soon to be big girls to start earning their keep in the coming weeks.  I’m so curious as to who will lay first!

I was able to fertilize our plants and crops as well as catch up on harvesting tomatoes this week.  Our cherry tomato bush is out of control. Check it out…


Neil and I will start our master bathroom overhaul in the next few weeks.  It is the last room in the house we have left to renovate and I can’t wait to show ya’ll the end result.  For my birthday my parents bought us the gorgeous vessel sinks we wanted and we had a custom vanity built for them to go on.

Hope all is well with you and yours!

Until next time…


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