Predictable Pleasures

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Happy Friday!

I am SO looking forward to this weekend for some much needed scrubs free days.  Although I enjoy my career as an emergency room nurse, there are times it is utterly exhausting.  After working at two different hospitals over the last few weeks, this redhead needs a break.

Neil and I are having a fabulous date night at a local restaurant tonight, and we are both looking forward to their delicious looking menu and an intimate night out together.

Saturday, we are planning a flea market adventure in Raleigh and will then be headed to my parents farm to check out the progress of their construction.

It is so refreshing to have a few days in a row at home.  Coming back to the homestead every morning after a long night shift, is one of the most looked forward to parts of my day.

I am greeted by the soft, yet always persistent, bleats of the ever hungry Sawyer and Daisy.


Oliver is sure to pop his head out of the piggy door as if to say, “Welcome home Mom!”  As I head down to the Chicken Palace, the girls push themselves up against the wire, clambering over each other, to determine if my visit is bringing them food or freedom.

Coming into the quiet house, I am greeted by the ferocious tail wags of Peanut and a slight acknowledgement of my presence from Princess Lily in her warm bed.

Neil greets me with a sweet, sleepy kiss from our bed and I feel more complete than I could ever imagine.

These simple, predictable pleasures have become my morning mantra and I fall asleep knowing I am entirely surrounded by breathtaking blessings..

Until next time…


One thought on “Predictable Pleasures

  1. You captured the low key, incredibly nourishing ways that a stable home with some pets, livestock and a good partner can feel. Nailed it! I love this part of home life.

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