Rabbit Shenanigans



Things are really seeming to come together here on the homestead.  It has been a long week this week as I am working six shifts again at two different hospitals.  Neil has his hands full with his police duties and the upcoming promotion process.

With us working so hard, we both have been able to pay off some important debts and couldn’t be happier about it.  It is such an incredible feeling to see a zero balance on a credit card that has had quite a few numbers in that place for quite awhile!

Each week of travel nursing allows me to continue to knock down some of our debt and save for upcoming projects and trips.

Our garden has been quite neglected in recent weeks. Despite the multitude of ripe, hot peppers on the plants, they have remained outside.  Neil made his own batch of hot sauce this week and everything in the house suffered the consequences.  The spice was in the air, on the counters and on his hands, and after a few hours everything seemed to be on fire.  Don’t make hot sauce in the house again, lesson learned.

Since Oliver is the king of mischief and perseverance, the heavy duty horse mat floor we installed when we moved in, barely held up a year.  He became obsessed with eating holes into it and ate down until he go to the floor, then he ate some more.  Our mats were ruined and so was the floor.  Such a naughty, naughty pig.

We took out the rubber mats and replaced it with thick plywood.  Although it isn’t the nicest looking floor, it serves a purpose and was a reasonably inexpensive fix option.  We will eventually have to replace the floor and will be installing a beautiful barn door to close off Oliver’s room when we have company, so it will work for now.

Rosie developed a huge abscess on her face this week, which had to be lanced by yours truly. Despite my tough ER stomach, the amount and consistency of what came pouring out of that abscess, made me a bit queasy.  It is healing nicely and doesn’t seem to bother her one bit.

Raffi disappeared for a night this week and I was so worried he had been nabbed by some carnivorous creature.  When he didn’t come home to the Chicken Palace at dusk, or come when he was called-he is the only rabbit I know who responds to his name-I feared the worst.

After a night of worrying, his fluffy tail came bounding back onto the homestead from who knows where and I was so glad to see him!

The hot summer trudges on and we are looking forward to the fall weather coming in.

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Rabbit Shenanigans

  1. Your animal stories make me laugh:) Thanks for the tip on the hot peppers. In my church community garden we have several hot pepper plants. We give the produce to a local food bank – I guess we should warn them how hot they are! I do hope your home has cooled off! I have been elbow deep in making pear jam and butter – thanks to a friends over producing trees – and now have a very sticky kitchen! It’s so worth it – homemade is so much better than store bought I think:) Keep persevering in all you do and keep blogging!

    • Hey Stephani! That is so nice your church donates fresh food to the food bank.

      Homemade pear jam and butter sounds absolutely delicious! Your family friends are very lucky to have you around 😉

  2. Wonder if Rosie got tangled with a wild rabbit? Our rabbits fight sometimes and we had one get bit around her mouth and it developed a nasty abscess too! Rabbits have really thin sensitive skin. Rosie is lucky to have a RN mommy who loves her enough to fix her!

    Your stories about Oliver make me very glad I chose a puppy and toddlers instead of a pig:) He sounds like a trouble maker at times. Not that he’s not worth it, of course:)

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