The Homestead Gets a Puppy


I still can’t believe that it is September already.  August flew by.

I finished up at my Lexington, NC travel assignment, and I am so going to miss the folks there.  That was one of my very favorite assignments so far.

I start next week at my new assignment and am not looking forward to the Raleigh traffic I am sure to run into on the way.  I have heard good things about the hospital though, so I am sure it will be worth it.

Raffi has gone wild these days and refuses to come into the Chicken Palace at night.  He is never far from the homestead, but won’t let us catch him.  I am hoping one day we can round him back up and keep him in the Chicken Palace once again.

Neil has been hard at work studying for the big promotion process at work, I know he is going to do awesome.

This week we adopted a puppy from the Wake County animal shelter.  We have been looking for a few weeks, but couldn’t find a dog that felt like a good fit.  We went to multiple rescues, the Durham County shelter, the Orange county shelter, the Raleigh ASPCA (which is the ritz as far as shelters go!) and finally the Wake County animal shelter.

After walking around to what felt like hundreds of cages filled with angry, anxious and scared dogs, we came across a timid, red puppy.  As we spent some time with him, he perked up a little, but was absolutely miserable in the shelter.  All he had was a hard floor and hard plastic bed-the absolute equivalent to doggy jail!


They wouldn’t let us take him home until he was neutered so a friend and I drove back up to Raleigh the next day to get him.  The poor pup was so scared he wouldn’t even walk out of the pound.  Once we got him into the car, he cried for a few minutes, then laid right down and slept the whole way home.

Once we got home, we walked around outside and Denali was terrified of everything.  He was absolutely horrified at Oliver and wouldn’t even go near him.

Once we got Denali used to the homestead and the house, he has been a wonderful puppy.  He is polite, quiet and does great on a leash.  He adores his soft bed and he is finally starting to relax.


We are so looking forward to many hikes and camping trips with him.

Our little family feels complete, and we are looking forward to the new fall season and what adventures it will bring.

Until next time…


19 thoughts on “The Homestead Gets a Puppy

  1. This melts my heart! He is so precious! My husband & I often visit our local shelter to walk the dogs, but we’re not allowed to have dogs in our rental. As soon as we get our own home I can’t wait to bring one home! Thank you for sharing your story 🙂

  2. Ah shelter dogs are the best!! It’s like they are appreciative their whole life:) He’s awfully cute too! I bet he’s going to be a great hiking partner. And love the name!

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