Busy as Ever

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It has been such a full schedule around here!  The last few weeks have been slammed packed with working, Denali play time and training, collecting eggs, moving goat pens, buying a new car and a ton of other everyday life activities.

Denali has been such a joy to us.  After a few days, the shelter shock wore off and his true personality came out.  Although he is a timid guy, he is friendly and sweet to everyone he comes across.  He is currently laying in my lap snoring away.  We joined a local dog park to ensure he is well socialized and have been working everyday on commands and good behavior.

He hasn’t had an accident one time since we brought him home and he already will sit, heel, lay down and does well off leash.  He is such a well behaved puppy!

What a difference a few weeks can make. He went from a sad, scared puppy…






He has been so much fun getting to know.  I am such a huge supporter of adopting shelter dogs!

We were able to finally get some work done around the homestead and moved the goats to an area near the Chicken Palace.  They absolutely love the new location and were racing around and head butting each other in delight, it was hilarious!


The Premier One electric fencing has proven to be perfect for rotating the goats.  Although it is a little challenging moving the netting without getting it all tangled, I highly recommend it.

Here is the aftermath of where they used to be…


Goats will truly eat down to the dirt-they are awesome for clearing land!

The chickens are slowly picking up the pace on laying eggs.  We have been able to supply our friends and family with plenty of delicious, home grown eggs.  It is such a nice thing to hear people talk about how tasty and different they are compared to store bought eggs.


With all the travel nursing I am doing these days, Neil and I decided to search for a car that is better on gas and more environmentally conscious than my current vehicle.  After a few days of searching and research, we landed at a Subaru dealership.

I have never owned a Subaru, but after our experience, I am extremely satisfied.  The dealership staff were friendly and informative, not pushy and obnoxious like some car dealership staff.  They worked with us on the trade in of my current vehicle and were as patient as could be as we test drove vehicle after vehicle.  We finally settled on the Subaru, hybrid Crosstreck.


Image Credit

We found one with all the bells and whistles that we wanted and with an average of 34 mpg, we couldn’t be more pleased.  Not only are we saving money with all the gas I use working, but we found a more environmentally friendly car and company.

Life seems to be so jam packed these days, I sometimes don’t know which way is up.  Neil and I are in constant discussion of how we can slow things down, but good options seem few and far between.  We will be spending the night away next weekend to enjoy a two day bluegrass festival and I am so looking forward to a weekend of fun.

I hope the fall season is bringing many blessings to you!

Until next time…


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