Cooler Weather and Big Plans

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As the cooler weather is setting in, my mind is racing with homestead plans for the coming spring (I am so not good at living in the moment sometimes!).  I am so hoping Neil and I will have figured out some way to balance our many responsibilities and be able to spend more time homesteading.

Our biggest project for the Spring will be to breed Daisy.  She will be a year old by then and mature enough to breed.  Her companion, Sawyer, is a whether (a castrated male) so he won’t be of any use for that project!  Bucks are super stinky and smelly (they like to pee on themselves and other super fun activities to impress the ladies) and can get aggressive to people-especially when they are in the mood.  They will also try to breed their own children, so it is important to have a separate place to keep the bucks.

Neil and I are deciding if we should purchase a buck or just send Daisy on a few “dates” with one.  Since Daisy is so skiddish, we are planning to keep a kid or two of hers to raise by hand, in hopes that they will be more friendly.  We plan on selling Daisy while she is still in milk to another homestead, since the price for a doe in milk is much better than when she is not in milk.


We are also planning on building a few more raised bed gardens to expand our self sufficiency.  Gardening and raising crops is time intensive, but I have found raised beds help since weeds are slightly more controlled and raised beds are easier to fence, which keeps crop eating critters out.

Meat rabbits is also on our spring homesteading plans.  We plan on getting one buck and two does, as this will supply a large amount of meat for us.  Butchering rabbits is fairly simple and clean up is much easier than larger animals.

Neil and I have discussed our future plans quite a bit in the last few months.  While we love our new little homestead, it is definitely not our forever house.  We want more land and a house we can build to our liking.  We plan on spending a few years in our current homestead, and have to balance all the homesteading plans we have with making sure our resale value of the house and property is not affected.  Not everyone wants a Chicken Palace in their back yard-although how can you not wanting something as cool as this to look at off your back deck!


This fall Neil and I are making an extra effort to enjoy the new season and cooler weather.  I take Denali for hikes most everyday now that the temperature has become less severe.  As soon as I get settled into my next assignment, Neil and I will take a few camping trips.

It is such a peaceful break from the craziness of the ER to sit in the grass and just watch the chickens as the cool breeze blows through my wild curls.

Until next time…


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