Big adventure straight ahead…


Life is crazy. In fact the older I get, the crazier and faster life gets.  It seems like the days meld into weeks and before I know it a year has gone by.

I have always been a ‘fly by the seat of my pants’ kinda gal.  I am rarely careless, but I tend to follow my passions and figure things out somewhere along the way.

Occasionally in my life, this jump off the cliff and figure it out on the way down mindset can get me into a bit of trouble.  However, I don’t have a single complaint so far.  I live with no regrets and couldn’t be happier with how life is turning out.

Having said all this, Neil and I have made a big decision.  We have decided to put the Little Rock House on the market, Chicken Palace and all, and purchase a forever home.  Goodbye our lovely Little Rock House and the hours of blood sweat and tears we put into the remodel (Catch up on that story HERE)!


What prompted this decision was an amazing piece of property we happened to stumble upon.  A gorgeous Cape Cod style home on a large piece of property with a 3 acre lake.  We totally saw ourselves making it our forever home, but it required a large amount of money and time in much needed updates.  Fate had another plan in mind, because before we could make a plan, someone else made an offer.

We have several other properties in mind, but have yet to make a firm choice.  It is a challenging balance to find a house and property we like, but one in a location convenient to Neil’s work and the family farm.

We are still planning to proceed with putting our house on the market and just see where this adventure leads.  We are both excited and have so enjoyed looking at new homes and properties; our minds are full of remodel ideas and plans for our future.

I have always had a gypsy soul, and I am lucky enough to have a found a partner who not only knows how to keep up, but has a blast running wild with me.

Until next time…


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