So Far So Good


The house has now officially been on the market two days, and we have already had one showing and another one scheduled Friday.  Check out our listing…

Little Rock House Listing

We are anticipating the house selling quickly, and we have yet to find our forever home.  Due to recent changes in the house buying process, closings are now expected to take 45-60 days instead of 30.  Our realtor stated she hasn’t closed a house yet with the new rules, but they definitely do not make things easier for buyers and sellers.

We are tossing around quite a few ideas of what to do when our house sells, maybe even building our forever house at the family farm.

Our backup plan for now is to purchase a camper to live in for awhile until we figure out what our next move is (literally!).  We are waiting to hear from the county zoning department, if you are familiar with Orange County you know they have intense rules and regulations, if we are allowed to have a camper on the farm.

Even though living in a camper is not most people’s ideal home, Neil and I are looking forward to the quiet nights and frequent campfires.  It will be as close to living off the grid as we can get, and the thought of falling asleep listening to nothing but the quiet of the woods, is as close to perfect as it gets.

This is our most exciting adventure yet and we are both so giddy with anticipation on how this will pan out.

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “So Far So Good

  1. Your house looks fantastic and I am sure it will sell very quickly. I think your idea of the camper is great – but what about the animals. Look forward to your next update – keep them coming.
    Pippa from Australia

    • Greetings Pippa! Great to hear from you. We plan on keeping the dogs and Oliver with us in the camper and the chickens and goats in a pen outside the camper. Luckily the family farm has plenty of room for the critters!

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