Hell Week


This past week has been a hell week for me and Neil (Neil and I? My exhaustion is affecting my grammar skills today).  I have been working six 12 hour shifts in a row -I am on day 5 of 6 currently.  Neil has been working just as much, and we are both worn slap out.

We have had three house showings this week, which we are very grateful for, but they have all happened in the middle of our typical sleeping time.  With so many work days back to back and very little sleep, we are both so looking forward to some time off together.

Although we have had quite a few house showings in just the few days the house has been on the market, we have yet to receive an offer.  I am becoming a bit antsy to get our homestead sold.  Blame it on my red hair or ER nature, but waiting and being patient is not a skill of mine…at all!

Neil and I have not been able to find any property on the market that we are remotely interested in.  We both want to make our next move the last move, so finding the perfect house is what we want to do.

Due to this, we have been seriously discussing building out at the family farm.  After speaking with my parents, we are both really looking forward to researching this option further.  We are meeting with a custom home builder this week, as well as walking the farm with my parents to determine a possible location for our forever home.

We have been letting Oliver out every day to run around the homestead with Denali.  Denali loves to chase that pig!  They are both worn out by the end of their escapades.



The chickens have been hard at work laying plenty of fresh, delicious eggs for us.  We currently have three full cartons in our refrigerator!

Our little homestead has been running fairly smoothly these days, and Neil and I are both anxiously awaiting our next adventure to begin.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Hell Week

  1. Laura,

    “For me and Neil ” is correct grammatically. “For I and Neil” is obviously incorrect. “For Neil and I” is also incorrect even though you hear it on tv all the time.

    The rule is that “object pronouns “me”, “us”, “them” etc. always follow a preposition such as “for”. Never follow a preposition with a subject pronoun such as “I” or “We”.


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