Adventure Ahead


We have some news…

The house is under contract!!

After a week and half on the market, our homestead received an offer and after some bargaining we settled on a price earlier this week.  We are set to close on December 22.

This news is encompassed in anxiety, excitement and relief.  We have now taken our first steps toward a once in a lifetime adventure.

After a lot of discussion, we have made a final decision to build on the farm.  We are both thrilled to be able to share in the family farm experience.

Neil and I have looked into several housing options and have chosen to live as simply and greenly as possible.  We are still exploring what this fully means for us.

On Friday, we met with the planning department in Orange County and got the ball rolling on building at the farm.  After our meeting there, we hit the road and drove to Floyd, Virginia to explore some alternative housing options.

VA Mts

On the way to our destination we stopped at Fairy Stone National Park.  It is a huge hiking and camping reservation that surrounds a beautiful lake.  Denali ran around like a banshee, splashing through the water and kicking up hundreds of leaves.

We then met with a local company who hand makes yurts (a yurt is a traditional, circular tent like structure that was used by nomadic cultures).

After getting to view a fully set up yurt-which we loved, we enjoyed a local meal at a cute little general store.

We explored the downtown of Floyd, Virginia and then headed to the Meadows of Dan where we ended up at a huge candy store.


Neil and I ate some delicious homemade candy and continued our journey and rode down the Blue Ridge Parkway.  We stopped at an old water mill and hike around the intricate, old set up.


Seeing all the signs for local, fresh apples in Virginia made me crave them so we stopped at a little produce store and bought a bushel of them.  They had all kinds of delicious things for sale.


We then decided to drive through Mt. Airy, where Neil was born and raised.

We walked around downtown and tasted some local wines.  After talking and laughing the evening away, we headed to visit Neil’s parents, who live in the same house Neil grew up in.

The house sits on top of a huge hill that overlooks the town of Mt. Airy.  The view was absolutely beautiful.  All around was complete darkness except the twinkly lights of the little town of Mayberry.

As we drove home after a fun, exhausting day, my heart was so full of love for the man sitting beside me holding my hand and all the adventures yet to come.  Not a day goes by, I don’t appreciate how lucky we are to have each other and be able to enjoy such unique adventures together.


The coming months will bring lots of planning, decisions and excitement, stay tuned for our most important adventure yet!

Until next time…


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