Impending Moveout

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Move out week has arrived.  Sometimes it is hard for me to wrap my head around how fast time moves.  It has been an exhausting few months between showing the house, selling the house, packing to move, finding a new place to live, designing our forever house and working way more than I would like to-this redhead is worn out.

Lilly has been helping us count down the days until move out.


Neil and I have moved quite a few times in the last few years.  A few tips that I have found useful for packing…

-Pack up decorations first-Label all boxes, color coding for rooms is also helpful-Get rid of things you haven’t used in over a year-Tissue paper from the dollar store makes great wrap for breakables, as do plastic grocery bags-Pack boxes full, utilize all box space-Buy a plastic cover for your mattress so it doesn’t get dirty in the move-anyone have any other tips they have found useful?

We have sold the majority of our furniture, with only a few things left to move.  We want to have a fresh start with new furniture when we finally get to our forever house.

Preparing for closing on the Little Rock Homestead has been ridiculously expensive.  We have had to pay thousands of dollars for things that magically weren’t on our home inspection when we bought the house less than a year ago.

With the nearly ten thousand dollars in remodeling and upgrades we did in the house, we are both choosing to not think too long about how expensive selling this house ended up being.

We found a fabulous apartment not too far away to live in during the next year while our forever farm house is being built.  It is a brand new complex with great amenities and they are giving us a good deal on rent.

The only down side is the complex has a two dog minimum-and we have three.  Since Lilly is completely obsessed with her daddy and Denali is just a puppy, Peanut is having a sleepover at his grandparents’ (my parents) house until we are able to move in to our forever home and bring him with us.

Oliver and the goats have been doing great out at the farm.  Oliver seems to love life as a farm pig and spends his days lounging in the sun or buried in the hay.  It is definitely starting to look like an official farm out there!


We are moving the chickens out to the farm later today and then our farm family will be totally moved out from the Little Rock Homestead.  The buyers are certainly inheriting a fabulous Chicken Palace with their new house!

I am definitely ready to close the chapter on the Little Rock House.  It has been so hard balancing so many things and not completely losing my mind.  I am looking forward to focusing on building our forever home, settling into a permanent job and enjoying living in a smaller place with less responsibilities and upkeep.

Here’s to hoping the next time we talk, it is from the comfort of our brand new apartment!

Until next time…






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