Barely Survived


It is official.  We will never, ever, ever, ever move (our stuff) again.  Moving just about killed us, for real.

After days of pushing myself as hard as I could to move stuff out of our house, to storage, to the farm or up three flights of stairs to the apartment, I started to come down with a bit of a sore throat and chills.  I chose to ignore it (it is winter and I do work in an ER filled with germ filled children) and keep moving boxes.

The next day, I felt a little worse, but again, I kept going.  Meanwhile, Neil who had also been hauling boxes up three flights of stairs for days-woke up to a wrist twice the size of his other one.  After a few days of pain and swelling, he went to an orthopedic doc and xrays diagnosed with a sprained joint capsule.

The days dragged on, Neil in a splint, and I was still feeling worse by the minute.  One morning, I developed a high fever and literally couldn’t get myself off the couch for days I was so sick.  I have never been so sick in my life.


Missing work when you are a travel nurse is a huge deal, there are no sick days when you are a traveler.  After two days on the couch, my fever broke but I remained extremely fatigued, congested and had a horrible cough.

The two of us were quite a sight.  Now, a week later, I am still coughing and exhausted, but am able to manage for the most part.  Poor Neil had to take care of both of us, the farm, the animals, and the apartment for the last almost two weeks.  Taking care of us, he wasn’t able to tend to his wrist, so it is now worse than last week!  After taking such great care of me, he is now feeling ill too-uggh!

We have jointly decided that we will not be moving ourselves out of our apartment to our forever house, it is well worth paying someone to do it!

With as crazy as December was, January is scheduled to be even more insane-apparently nothing over the last few weeks has taught us anything!  There is something scheduled, work or otherwise almost every single day next month.

Before entering into that world of craziness, we are taking the weekend and driving as fast as we can to a lovely little inn in the NC mountains.  We have a few days to relax, get a couple’s massage and eat delicious local food.  I am counting down the minutes until we can leave, I have been at work for nearly six days in a row this week.

I am SO hoping February, when I come off the road and take a permanent job, will bring a bit more routine into things.  Life is so chaotic and hectic and we both can’t stand living this way.  We are both wanting to focus on building our forever house and enjoying that adventure together.

We both hope Christmas brought rest and good memories for you and yours.

Until next time…




6 thoughts on “Barely Survived

  1. Wow, what a time you two have had! I feel for you, and so hope things go more smoothly and with less obstruction in the weeks ahead. It sounds like you both mastered the logjam of crises admirably. : )

  2. I hope y’all feel better soon, I know how you feel, I have been down with bad l knees for the the winter. I now having water PT to try to get better. I need two new knees,but I don’t want the long recovery.

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    • Hey Tom! Water PT is a wonderful thing, I hope it helps you. I don’t blame you about being hesitant for knee replacement, but everyone I know that has had it done did very well and feels much better once they are healed. Best of luck to you!

  3. Hi there, it’s been a quiet a long time ago since I last logged onto WP. Your blog is one of the one’s I used to follow. I’m glad to see you’re still pressing on & making the best of everything. I’m glad your at the farm now. Hope you have a blessed, balanced and healthy new year. Hugs.:) Take care out there.

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