2015 in Review

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What  year it has been, I can’t believe 2016 is already here.  This year raced by with lightening speed-take a look back with us…

We moved in (at the tail end of 2014) to a new house and completely remodeled it (Remodel Rewind).

We made it through Neil’s massive hip surgery (We Survived!).

We added Freyja the hedgehog to the homestead (Freyja the Hedgehog).

I started a new job, left that job and started travel nursing again.

We added chickens to the homestead and built them an amazing Chicken Palace (The Chickens Have Arrived, & Chicken Palace).

We added goats to the homestead (Two Goats).

We added a new puppy to the homestead (The homestead gets a puppy).

We put our homestead on the market and sold it within a week (Big adventure).

We decided to build our forever house on the family farm (Exciting announcement).

Neil asked me to be his wife and we decided to get married in Alaska (Exciting news).

What a year-that was exhausting just reading about it. It has been a whirlwind of new beginnings and adventures in 2015.  I can’t even imagine what 2016 has in store for us! We sure hope you continue to be a part of our story.


Happy New Year from all of us here on the homestead!!

Until next time…




One thought on “2015 in Review

  1. Of course Neil decided to marry you. He’s getting old and falling apart (hip surgery). He found himself a beautiful and unbelievably talented woman who loves him. He’s also finally found what he needed all along, a good woman. Congratulations to both of you. It’s really cool to be part of your adventure. (PS: Neil, Good on ya! Very smart man)

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