The Gypsy Awakes


Friends who know me well all have a running joke that I have a gypsy who stays locked inside me.

From time to time, she rears her wild head of reckless curls and induces a feeling of restlessness and wanderlust I can’t ignore.

This week, my gypsy was awoken.

Perhaps it is the fact I am turning 30 this year, or that the plans with the farm house are so close to coming to fruition, or that I work so very much of the time. Whatever the reason, she woke up and loudly proclaimed her prescence.

It has always been hard for me to wrap my head around “forever.”  I am not a lover of permanent decisions, I like the freedom to come and go, the opportunity to change my mind or take back a choice.

Building a forever farmhouse is definitely a permanent decision, it is a huge financial obligation, and an obvious forever commitment.

I have been so blessed in my life to find a partner who understands my gypsy soul and is able to love me in such a profound way, I never feel confined like I have felt in the past.

Neil and I both love adventures and have a commitment to each other to never let our love get mundane and ordinary.

I sometimes find myself daydreaming about a different life- one where my hair is always braided, all I own is in a bag on my back and I have no obligation to punch a clock every day.gypsy

Connecting with friends and animals have also brought peace to my sometimes wandering soul.  Over my adult life, I’ve built a world for myself filled with people who chose to love and spend time with me, and this has kept me grounded when my gypsy starts her internal pacing.

Being able to walk out my door and see the growth my garden is making and my goats jumping joyfully in their pen, bring a fulfillment I don’t get from my many adult obligations.

Being able to look over and see Neil’s familiar, smiling face, feel his strong arms around me pulling me in for a kiss, remind me of why I work so much and so hard.

I am so grateful I have a life where I can mostly balance my love of freedom and adventure with many responsibilities and obligations.

Do you ever daydream of a different life?

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “The Gypsy Awakes

  1. Just two things: One, I have been married for 43 years to a guy who encourages the gypsy, and is definitely partly one himself. It is the only way to go. We built a house in which we still live. Two, Consider a long distance hike some year, because you simplify everything, (the braid, the pack,) and it is a total blast! That kind of wandering can be built into a life of committments if one is motivated, which you two seem very much to be. : )

    • Hey mame, that sounds like an amazing idea. Many blessings to you on finding your soulmate and sharing a life with him. I can imagine in 43 years there have been many good times and hard times. What’s the secret to making your marriage last that long?
      We are definitely kindred spirits ❤

  2. You sound like like me, but I now I have my farm, & I have no desire to Leave.
    See Southern Star Farm , on face book
    Capt Tom

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