Grateful for a New Month


I am so glad January is over. It was an overwhelming month and I was glad to see it go.

I finished up my last travel assignment…for now anyway.  It was a great experience working in a strictly pediatric ER and I will miss all the folks I met there.

In another week I will be returning to my home hospital.  It will be great to be back with plenty of familiar faces and not have a several hour commute to work.

I am dedicated to not working like a mad woman anymore, I am hopeful this new schedule will allow me a little less time in scrubs.

Things with the farmhouse have been a bit disappointing.  There has been a challenge with every step.  The land was recently surveyed and unfortunately this created a few potential issues with our loan.  Schumacher has been awesome throughout the whole process.  It will take a few months to sort everything out, so we will see what the future holds.

I went out to the farm this week and enjoyed some unusual quiet time with my critters.  It was nice to just be out there and enjoy some down time.


Denali had a blast racing around the farm and jumping over the stream like a gazelle.


Poor Oliver has had a limp this week so the vet is coming to take a look at it this weekend. Hopefully it isn’t anything serious.  I spent quite a bit of time rubbing his big belly and he was in heaven.  Although I appreciate the gesture, slobbery, open mouth pig kisses are not my favorite means of gratitude!


There is a great video of the goats and Denali playing on my Facebook page, make sure to check it out!

I hope your February is off to a great start.

Until next time…


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