Full of Love


I love the first day of the month, it always seems like a fresh start and a new opportunity to have an adventure.

Homestead Redhead life is good.  It is not free from stress and challenges of course, but life seems much more manageable with a less heavy work schedule.

I am back in the swing of things with my new, old job and it has been so fun to see all my old work family folks and catch up on the last few years of life.

Travel nursing has been such a positive experience and an interesting phase of life.  I got to know so many lovely people.  I had the unique pleasure to enter into their worlds and get to know them exactly where they were, their struggles and their joys, and then exit quietly.  I will truly never forget those experiences, from Stafford, Virginia to Lexington to Raleigh and all the miles in between, I am truly grateful for those memories.

After taking a brutally long test, I am now an official Certified Pediatric Emergency Nurse.

The farmhouse progresses slowly these days.  The county has specific procedures for every little thing, and none of them are quick.  Neil and I are struggling to have patience with the process, but are hopeful something will happen soon.

With work, the construction of the house, and the many duties and pleasures of our lives, Neil and I have decided it is best to postpone our Alaskan Wedding Adventure.

We are fortunate that all reservations were easily shifted to 2017, but can’t help but feel a little disappointed that we will have to wait another year.  This is definitely the best financial decision and we know that when June 14th, 2017 finally rolls around, the adventure of holding hands and exchanging vows at the base of a glacier in one of the most beautiful places on earth, all the waiting will all be worth it.

glacier pond

As the earth begins its gradual awakening into spring, my heart is full of love.  Love for my dear friends and each of their individual hardships and celebrations that are in full force, overwhelming love for the man that is the most incredible example of real love and partnership I have ever known, and love for a life journey that never ceases to bring me adventures beyond anything I ever thought possible.


Until next time…


8 thoughts on “Full of Love

  1. Nice looking couple!, that’s what I like about Mo, and Ak. No permints or inspects outside the towns. Good luck

  2. Congrats on your certification! You must be a very smart lady! Your such a hard worker- I hope everything starts going better for you on the homestead. Your a very talented writer and I enjoy your blogs!

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