Still Waiting



I hope all is well with you and yours.

The weeks have turned into months and we are STILL waiting for the county to approve the new boundary lines so we can get the deed to our land and officially begin construction.  We have been waiting so long that our interest rate for our construction loan expired (we locked in months ago), so we are going to have to redo our loan once the county gives approval.

This has been such a long process and Neil and I are both so tired of being disappointed, we made a decision to not get excited anymore until we actually see tree clearing equipment pulling into the driveway.

The weather has turned warm and it has been a welcome change.  Despite Neil’s constant comments that we are moving to Alaska, there is no way I could survive in a place where the cold dragged on for months and months.  I am definitely a southern girl that needs the sun on my freckled cheeks.

Oliver, the goats and the chickens have been enjoying the warmer weather as well.  The hens have been laying like crazy with all the sunshine.  Our favorite rooster decided to go on quite an adventure this week.

The rooster decided he needed a break from the flock and wandered all the way down the road onto a neighboring farm.  Luckily our neighbors were super sweet and let him sleepover and returned him safe and sound the next day.

Neil and I both have birthdays coming up in the next few months and I seriously cannot even wrap my head around the fact I will be 30 and Neil will be 35.  I have always had a weird hangup with the passing of time, and the fact this big birthday is looming up ahead makes no sense at all in this redhead.

Neil and I have made some big decisions about the future lately…settling into permanent jobs, deciding to build on the farm, deciding to get married next year, making the decision about having children or not, a new season of life is definitely underway.

Until next time…



5 thoughts on “Still Waiting

  1. I still say, move to Mo. No gov. Inspection needed on any thing ,
    And I paid 60,000 for
    40. Ac , no cost for hunting lic to hunt on your on land it you have 40 Ac or more. Good luck

  2. it’s so hard to wait but remember good things come to those who wait, case in point our son, 16 years into our marriage, when we had all but given up having children, we were blessed!

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