Choosing the Right Path


Hey friends,

I have been a bit scarce lately, but thank you to all the new followers, welcome to the homestead!

For the last few weeks, Neil and I have been working our tails’ off to save money for our down payment towards the forever farmhouse.

After two years of working towards living on the family farm and MANY failed plans, we thought we were on track with a builder who would give us a quality house for a fair price.

However, that fell through and after more meetings with more builders that didn’t work for one reason or another, I threw up my hands in defeat.

After two years of working SO hard to save money, to find the right house, the right builder, the right site on the land and getting no further along than we were two years ago, I officially gave up.  This redhead doesn’t give up easy, but it was time to take a step back and reassess.

After weeks of discussion Neil and I made a bittersweet decision to not live on the family farm…for now.  Although apartment life has been just fine, we miss our animals and the hour trip to take care of them is hard to squeeze into our 12 hour work days.

Where does that leave us? Finding a fabulous already built farm house to call our own.  We have been devouring every Zillow, Trulia, Realtor and For Sale By Owner listing for weeks.  We have viewed a few houses that each held good qualities and bad.

In our area, it is super challenging to find acreage with a house that is not huge or that is not run down.  Our search continues…

Despite working like maniacs over the last few weeks, we attended the 2016 Farm Tour and had a blast.  My niece and nephew joined us and we all enjoyed the animals and the time together.


Neil and I are taking a much needed beach getaway trip this week with the pups and we are thrilled to have time alone together and spend a few days fishing and hiking.

Stay tuned…no telling where this forever farmhouse journey will lead. Glad you are along for the ride.

Until next time…


5 thoughts on “Choosing the Right Path

  1. I think that you have made the absolutely right decision. You will gind a great farmhouse and acres that Will suit you both where you can have all the pets and I look forward to hearing about. Sometimes you just have to vhange direction for a while. Xxx

  2. Don’t get discouraged! It is hard to find the right place but it will happen. My husband and I wanted an old farmhouse to restore and some acres for our farm. It seemed like either there was a lot of land and a mobile home or a beautiful farmhouse on a postage stamp – sized lot of land in town 😦 In the end we found the house we were looking for on a little over two acres of land. We wanted more land, but there just wasn’t any in our neck of the woods. In the end we fit right in on our little farm. It will work out. Usually when you least expect it 🙂

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