Finally Found a Homestead


Neil and I announced this week that after 2 years of research, disappointment, excitement and more Plan Bs than we can count, we finally found a plan that felt like right.

With the many challenges we faced with building a homestead, last month we decided to go in a different direction and purchase an existing home, for now.  After obsessively looking through house listings for weeks, we ventured out to a few showings.

We found a great house on 10 acres that had a pool, outdoor kitchen and a reasonably sized house for our family, but the asking price was extremely high.  After making the sellers a reasonable offer (but well below their asking price), we were quickly refused.

We then found a listing for a beautiful brick home in Alamance County on 5.62 acres and booked a showing.

As we followed the GPS, we were led through beautiful country side and turned onto a hidden driveway.  As we drove slowly up to the house, the driveway opened up to a picture perfect brick home and landscaped yard.  It was private and lovely and I instantly felt at home.


As Neil and I toured the home, every custom detail felt exactly like we had chosen it ourselves.  From the vaulted barn ceilings in the living room to the two person Jacuzzi in the master bath, Neil looked at each other and knew we were home.



We made on offer the next day, packed up the car and headed for Myrtle Beach.

The beach was wonderful and we enjoyed some much needed time away together. Denali loved the ocean and played fetch in the waves until he was so exhausted he could barely hold his head up.  We lounged in the resort’s lazy rivers, caught more fish than we ever had in one day and fell asleep listening to the sounds of the waves crashing on the beach.



In the midst of our beach trip, we were fiercely negotiating for the house.  I felt like it was the right place for us, but we certainly didn’t want to pay over our top offer.  Finally, we came to a reasonable agreement and Neil and I toasted to our new homestead over a sushi dinner at the beach.

We are set to close June 30th and in the next 6 weeks so much is happening.  Since we were not expecting to find our dream home so soon, we are working a ton to make sure we have the funds to pay for everything involved with purchasing a home.

Since we sold almost all our furniture when we moved out of the Little Rock House, we will have to pay for all new furniture and get some of the rooms in the new house painted.

I am blessed to have jobs where I can pick up shifts when I need to and I took full advantage of this.  I have about 5 days off in the next 6 weeks and Neil is working as much as he possible can too.

It will be tough to get through this season, but we both know that at the end of all these exhausting shifts is a beautiful homestead Neil and I get to enjoy.

Let’s hope we survive!

Until next time…



16 thoughts on “Finally Found a Homestead

  1. See?! Just when you least expect it 🙂 I’m really happy for you guys. Your new place looks wonderful and I look forward to hearing about all you adventures at your new home 🙂

  2. I swear, y’all are addicted to adrenaline!! I wouldn’t worry about furniture. Thrift stores and garage sales often contain hidden gems.. or diamonds in the rough that a little DIY facelift would make perfect furniture until y’all have enough money to replace it with something new. Personally, I LOVE the hunt for a good piece of furniture that I can refurbish.

    Just remember to breathe! Before you know it, this will all be water under the bridge, you’ll be settled … and bored again, and you’ll be on the move again! lol!! Just kidding, I hope!! 😉 Congrats and God bless!!!

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