Thirty Days to Go


We are 2 weeks into our “Hell Month” and I am definitely feeling the strain. I have spent the last few years working a lot more than the average Joe, but the last 2 weeks have been intense.

In the last 2 weeks, I have had two nights off and there are still 4 weeks left to go.  I am grateful that I have jobs where I can work more when I need to, but it is kicking my tail.

Last week our less than stellar realtor set up the home inspection for the Dream Homestead.  Neil and I had both worked the night before and Neil stayed up to attend the morning appointment.  We arranged for our painter to come during the inspection to give us an estimate, and we were both super excited to see the house again.

We pull up to the house where the realtor, inspector and painter all stood gathered outside.  Suddenly the owner walks out on the front porch with a bewildered look on her face.  Turns our she had NO idea about the appointment.  Our realtor completely forgot to make the appointment with the owners of the home.  I was SO upset and disappointed.

Our realtor compensated us by paying for our brokerage fee, but I was seriously confused on how that even happened in the first place.  We had one day in the next four weeks we could reschedule (that we didn’t have to work the same day), but she wasn’t able to reschedule the inspection for that day.  Instead we are set for the home inspection Take Two tomorrow morning-we both have to work that night, so I am hoping that it goes smoothly and there are no surprises.

In true Homestead Redhead fashion, I have decided that as if life isn’t crazy enough I want to go back to school.  While part of me loves the ER, years of working 5 or more shifts a week has seriously taken a physical and emotional toll on me.

I have always felt holistic, natural care is the best way to provide medical care and I would love to find a path in nursing that reflects this.  With some help from fate, I discovered the Institute of Integrative Nutrition.  Check it out below…

After a ton of research and discussion with Neil, I decided to enroll and will start towards the end of summer.

The program is a year long and after graduation I will be a certified Health Coach.  I can work for an insurance company, a wellness center or own my own business seeing clients. Health coaches guide clients as they discover their individualized path to wellness-physical and emotional health.  It will be awesome to work with a population of patients that actually want to get healthy and respect what guidance I can give them.

I am so excited to explore this new adventure and see where it leads me.

I hope everyone’s summer is off to a great start.

Until next time…


4 thoughts on “Thirty Days to Go

  1. I really enjoy following Homestead Redhead. Sending encouragement your way….all will be fine! Give a pat to your sweet puppy and piglet!

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