Finish Line


The end is finally near.  One more week of “Hell Month” remains and at this point I can think of quite a few explanatory expletives to describe the last 5 weeks.

Note to self; don’t ever, EVER, do this again.  In the last 5 weeks, I have had about 5 days off total.  About 1 night off every 7 days, running from my full time ER position to my part-time ER position and back again.  To make things even more emotionally challenging, I am now taking care of “the regulars” at both facilities, since word has started to spread about the newer hospital.

Some days I am dragging my redheaded self towards the finish line, and some days I have become such a work-a-holic zombie, it doesn’t even matter how many days in a row I have been at work.

It has been insanely challenging, but I can finally see the finish line coming up on the horizon.  I have 5 more shifts left of “Hell Month” and then I will have 4 glorious days of not having to put on scrubs and run myself ragged for 12 hours.

On the plus side, with Neil working as much extra as he can too, we have managed to exceed our goal for our down payment on our Dream Homestead.  We should have enough to cover the down payment, closing costs, painting and even new furniture.  I think I will feel a little more excited about this when I am not so utterly numb from exhaustion.

Neil and I were talking the other night about how when we finally get the keys to the Dream Homestead, we are going to walk right in the house and lay down on the floor (since we have no furniture yet) let out a big sigh, and just enjoy the new space.

All of the inspections on the house are completed, our loan has one more approval process to go through, and closing is now 15 days away.

The pups have been acting out terribly with our long hours at work and we are all so ready to be in a space we can stretch our legs and not be surrounded by people and traffic.  Living in the apartment was a necessary step, but it has definitely become a chore.

Thank you all for the support over the last crazy year of figuring out where we will call home-we are thrilled to be sharing this adventure with you.

And now a picture of our self-heating two person jacuzzi tub and rainfall shower head shower, to provide a little more encouragement to get me through these last 5 shifts!


Until next time…





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