Perhaps if you are Googling “symptoms of a nervous breakdown” all is not well…

This week, we were told we had the green light on closing on our Dream Homestead on time, which was a huge accomplishment and represented hours and hours of work.  Then we were told we needed to submit more documents for the underwriters.  Then we were told we had met all requirements and everything was in order to close on time.  Then we were told we had to submit a few more documents.  Then we were told everything was finally in order to close on time.

THEN on Friday afternoon at 3pm, I received a call from the bank and was told that if they don’t have the title from the attorney’s office in the next hour, we will not close on time. I had not heard even as much as a whisper about this from the realtor.  In fact, I was told, by the as opposite as humanly possible to fabulous realtor, we were all set to close.

I immediately called the attorney’s office and was indeed told that they were “working” on the title, despite having everything they needed to complete it in their posession for 17 days, despite telling our bank rep that they would have it done on Wednesday for sure and then falling off the face of the map for two days as she tried to follow up with them when she never received it and despite the fact we close in less than two weeks.

Our wonderful bank rep pulled some strings and we were given until Monday to turn in the title from the attorney’s office.  Our bank rep said that the attorney she always uses has a 2 day turn around time.  Can you guess who recommended the too busy to finish a title in 17 days closing attorney?

When we called the Opposite as Humanly Possible to Fabulous Realtor, she absent mindedly told us she would touch base about the title.  She then informed us that no one answered when she called-even though I called and the phone was picked up right away by a secretary.  As politely as my now fuming red hair would allow, I informed her she had until lunchtime Monday to get the situation handled, and did not appreciate being blindsided with a problem she didn’t even tell us about.

This entire process has been a complete nightmare.  From the ridiculous documents needed by the bank (however our rep has been amazing and we definitely couldn’t have survived this without her) to the completely unexplainable mistakes and misses by our realtor, and the endless hours of caring for indulgent, entitled, not emergently sick patients for 6 weeks with no break, I had all I could take by that evening.

And this leads me to the Googling of “symptoms of a nervous breakdown. ”  Spoiler alert-I had 4 of the 6…I guess things can always be worse!

Send some positive thoughts our way and we will be holding our breath that the title comes through today!!

Until next time…

11 thoughts on “Then.

  1. Bless your hearts! If things don’t go your way, I think I would consider suing that dingbat of a realtor or at least having it out with her employer or whomever. Hang in there and have a gallon of chamomile tea.

  2. Having worked in the real estate business both as an admin. asst. to realtors and a closing agent in a title company…I feel your pain. However, the realtor sounds like she truly dropped the ball, their job truly begins AFTER the contract is signed and things are headed to closing. I would discuss her commission with the broker in that office, because that affects their pocket as well as hers and should get you some attention. Good Luck!!

  3. What you describe is pretty much the NORM with real estate closings unless it’s a cash deal. The transactions that close without any issues are a very small percentage .The good news is that we all survive! 😉

  4. We completely understand your dilemma. We started our process and after 6 months had to “fire” our incompetent broker and hire a new one that basically had to start all over again. We spent two years in a rental we originally only planned to spend 6 months in!

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